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Let's Do a Review

Let's do a review.  This is La Granja 360.  It is made from tempranillo, which are grapes that are predominantly grown in Spain.  I figured it was time to review this wine since I have read and heard great things about it.  Especially for the $3.99 price tag at Trader Joe's.  I have been superficial and hesitant to try it because of the label.  A pig flying in the air with string tied to it's feet?  That's a turn off. 
To start, tempranillos will be a wine that has more of an earthy taste. Similar to vegetables and mushrooms. Also, winemakers in Europe make their wines to be enjoyed with a meal. They are table wines.  Part of the whole meal.  As opposed to most wines from California, Washington and Oregon that are made for those that like wine alone or with cheese and crakers.

When serving La Granja 360, you will first want to decant the wine and let it sit for maybe thirty minutes to an hour.  This will let it air out and tone down the acidity.  Also make it much less "jumpy." 

The earthiness comes out on the scent and when you first taste it.  You may sense cooked bell peppers or a vegetable broth.  Then you will notice the fruity taste of strawberry and raspberry.  Towards the end of the taste I noted a slight tobacco taste, but nothing offensive.  It is a light wine.  It also serves well chilled after decanting. 

Like I said, it went great with a meal.  I enjoyed it with an Asian themed dish.  This bottle was great for the price, but I did not like it enough to start stocking up.