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Don't Open That!

True story.  Thanks to the marvels of social networks, we were able to reconnect with a college roommate whom we haven't seen in almost twenty years!  We have visited each other, gone to concerts and have had great fun. 

One Saturday evening, we had plans to be at her house for dinner.   It was perfect.  The kids were sent to grandma's house.  Her husband was marinating steaks in milk and we were preparing eggplant and goat cheese appetizers to take to their home.  I took four bottles of wine so we could have pairings with each course.

In beween courses we were able to sit and talk.  I noticed a bottle of wine on the bar that caught my eye.  I was immediately impressed.  It was a 1978 Petrus.  Our friends had planned to open it during the evening.  They were saving it for a special occasion and thought that this evening would be appropriate.  The bottle was a gift they received long ago.

Right away I said, "Don't open that."  I explained that this was a fine and rare bottle.  In 1980 it sold for $300.  Today you may be able to find this bottle online for around $1,500.  A 1990 Petrus will sell for over $5,000.  They had no idea of the value.  I was sorry to not able to taste the wine, but I knew I was not worthy.  We were able to find plenty of other wines to drink that night.

Now, whenever we get together we laugh about this night.  "Remember when we almost opened your thousand dollar bottle of wine?"  I could have kept quiet and had them open the bottle but I chose not too.  It's so wonderful to have friends to share fun memories.  That is worth more than any bottle of wine. 

If you have a friends like this, tell them.  Even if you think they may already know.