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Great New Gadget

Metrokane Rabbit Wine Bottle Stoppers 2-Pack 6119So while we do enjoy a glass of wine often, rarely do we ever finish a bottle.  This created the problem of having to store the bottle back in the wine refrigerator horizontally without it spilling over.  Putting the cork back in did not work.  I bought several types of lever stoppers that did not work very well and were a little overpriced in my opinion. 

Then I came across these wine stoppers at Target.  They are sold under the name Rabbit or Houdini.  They are $4.00 for a pair and work perfectly.  Easy to use and easy to clean.  They will not leak when you store your bottles horizontally.  Sometimes the cheapest and simplest things work the best. 

I wouldn't bother with using a vacuum stopper unless you plan to store an opened bottle for more than five days.  Also, if you are storing a red wine for an extended amount of time, put it in your kitchen's refrigerator vertically.  Then let it warm to room temperature just before you are ready to enjoy.