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Back to Basics

Here are some wines that are readily available and enjoyable.  
The first one is a Kaiken Malbec from Argentina.  Malbec is one of the great wines that you are not drinking.  Malbec was previously used to blend with other wines but is now a varietal all its own.  Malbecs are usually more earthy tasting, but Kaiken takes about half their yield and ferments it in steel and the other half in oak and then mixes the wine for bottling.  The combination brings out more fruit while preserving its bold flavor. 
The next is a Chateau Ste Michelle Cabernet Sauvignon.  Wines from Washington State are really great.  Remember, Washington has almost the same latitude as the best growing regions in France.  This cabernet is good by itself or with a meal.  It has the distinction of being my 'house wine.'  When it's on sale, I make sure to stock up.
Finally, Ravens Wood Old Vine Zinfandel.  For me, Ravens Wood has  perfected Zinfandel.  This is great for someone who wants more than a cabernet but still wanting a good everyday wine.  Old vine zins will be more 'jammy' than a regular zinfandel and would compliment spicy food or sharp cheese.
Let me know if you come across any great wine and would like to share your experience.  What's your 'house wine?'