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Metrokane Rabbit Wine Bottle Stoppers 2-Pack 6119So while we do enjoy a glass of wine often, rarely do we ever finish a bottle.  This created the problem of having to store the bottle back in the wine refrigerator horizontally without it spilling over.  Putting the cork back in did not work.  I bought several types of lever stoppers that did not work very well and were a little overpriced in my opinion. 

Then I came across these wine stoppers at Target.  They are sold under the name Rabbit or Houdini.  They are $4.00 for a pair and work perfectly.  Easy to use and easy to clean.  They will not leak when you store your bottles horizontally.  Sometimes the cheapest and simplest things work the best. 

I wouldn't bother with using a vacuum stopper unless you plan to store an opened bottle for more than five days.  Also, if you are storing a red wine for an extended amount of time, put it in your kitchen's refrigerator vertically.  Then let it warm to room temperature just before you are ready to enjoy.


  1. I have to have these. I hate when wines leak. Great tips!

  2. So I take it you do not believe the vacuum sealers- where you pump the air out of the bottle to preserve any unused portion of your wine- is not necessary if you plan on finishing the bottle within a few days?

  3. Thank you for your question Paul. That's correct. Vacuum sealers are intended to prevent the oxidation of an opened bottle of wine. Unfortunately, the process already started the instant the bottle was opened. The pump will prevent more oxygen from entering the bottle, but it will not stop the process. It's more beneficial to store the opened bottle at a cooler temperature to slow down the oxidation.


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