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Vegas Part Tres

After dinner we walked over to the MGM to pick up our show tickets and walked across the bridge that leads to NY NY Hotel and snapped this shot on the balcony
The tickets were for the Zumanity show where this lovely, uh, lady is the mistress of ceremonies or ringleader, rather!  She really is quite beautiful and really tall...Our seats were very close up so I could see every last detail and this lovely man-lady could see the horror in my face!  The whole show was very, shall we say, sexy and erotic and out of my comfort zone!.  The room and the tickets were a gift and were very much appreciated! 
It was Chinese New Year hence the humongous dragon in the lobby of the Wynn.  See me in the lower right-hand corner?  I look like one of those white 1980's mannequins with no face!  Nice.

Keep an eye out for future posts on some great Disneyland tips!