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News Flash! Mickey Mouse Finally Speaks To Guests at Disneyland!

OMG!  I almost fainted when I saw this!  I couldn't believe what I was seeing!  Mickey Mouse talking and INTERACTING with kids at Disneyland!  YES, talking, blinking, mouth moving EVERYTHING!  Don't believe me??? Just watch this...

Celebrating Five/Five With This Cocktail

Thought I would celebrate with a refreshing drink.  These are all the ingredients you need.  Those are mint
 leaves from the Vino Bodega Herb Garden and yes, that's a big, huge Jalapeno pepper!

Simply remove the seeds and chop up the pepper.  Grab a pretty glass and "muddle" the mint and the chopped up pieces of pepper in the glass carefully...

Add ice, 2 oz. of Tequila and fill with Pineapple juice...

And Voila!

You got yourself a refreshing, not-too-sweet yet savory Mexican drink you can enjoy any day!