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15th Anniversary of Disneyland's Indiana Jones Ride

Today is the 15th anniversary of what I and my teenage son think is the best ride at Disneyland. Indiana Jones and The Temple of The Forbidden Eye debuted back in 1995. I was at Disneyland just weeks before the grand opening of this thrill ride. I was there taking my then one year-old baby boy on his first visit to Disneyland. I will never forget it. The last time we were on this ride we had a bit of an unusual experience. The Indie ride is a series of twists and turns inside of the temple. There is danger at every turn. The jeep "breaks down" in the darkness at one point and struggles to start up again as part of the experience. Well, for some strange reason, the "oh-oh" factor lasted way too long and the jeep would not "start up" again. I know this ride like the back of my hand and I started to panic. Being the pessimist I am, I thought for sure the next jeep would come crashing into us from behind. Luckily it finally started up only to breakdown again while Indiana Jones was hanging right above us and telling us to "hold on and turn right!" or something. This is the part when the big concrete ball comes at you ready to pulverize you and your fellow jeepsters. The Indiana Jones ride has had its ups and downs and often closes due to "technical difficulties". It was just the creepiest Indiana Jones experience we have ever had but I must look at the bright side.... At least I didn't get groped!