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A Cut Above The Rest...The 2010 Tournament of Roses Parade

Happy New Year to you all! Did any of you watch the Rose Parade? I watch it every year from the warmth and comfort of my family room couch. Have I ever slept on the freezing cold sidewalks of Colorado Blvd just to get a frist-hand look at the Rose Parade? Yes, I have. Once. It was back in the '80's and never again.
Nowadays, I watch it mostly just to to see my city's float. Yes, my little town is one of only a handful that raise the 40K or more to design and build a float. This year was extra special because my city won the Mayor's Trophy and it is well deserved. This year's float honored the Tuskegee Airmen who were definately a cut above the rest. They were the first black airmen to proudly serve our country during World War II.
I swelled up with pride (or was it all the cookies and tamales I was eating, ok, ok, all three) as I watched the "City of West Covina-Mayor's Trophy" flash across my television screen. No, Beverly Hills doesn't sponsor a float, Laguna Hills doesn't have a float! Neither does Hollywood but my little city does! I suppose the Rose Parade is more of a Pasadena and surrounding area-thing rather than a Los Angeles-thing but it is probably(next to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade) the most popular parade in the world. I am also fortunate enough to have "MY" float delivered to my doorstep, well, not exactly my doorstep but close enough. The float slowly travelled all day Sunday through the back streets of the San Gabriel Valley to arrive 5 hours later at a local shopping center parking lot. The city made a 3-day event out of it so I dragged the kiddies down to see the float and enjoy all of the festivites. I hope my kids will always appreciate all of the endless hard work and dedication this small group of West Covinians puts forth for them and all of the residents. A big thank you from us! See you next year! Kimmie with her keepsake rose and the very handsome Tuskegee Airmen