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Heading Out to Disneyland This Summer?

I am, actually I was there just a couple weeks ago and I'm going there today for 3 whole days!  If you are going there this summer, be prepared for crowds, heat and lots of waiting in line.

First up PARKING...If you plan to park here...
At the Mickey and Friends parking structure, be ready to shell out $14.  The fee has increased $3 in the past 3 years.  Someone's gotta pay for World Of Color!!!

What about food???  Well, one of the cheapest and delicious comes from here...
The world famous Main Street Corndog Truck.  You get a delicious, crispy corndog and chips for a mere $5.79 (prices subject to change without notice...that goes for everything at Disneyland).  Just be sure you have a clearance from your cardiologist before you indulge in this tasty treat! It's located at the end of Main Street, to the right, across from the Baby Station, if you are entering from the main gate...or just follow the smell of burning grease.

Drink tips, you say?  Just four words...BRING YOUR OWN WATER.  It is allowed!  No need to spend a small fortune on water there, save your mula for the Golden Vine Wine Bar at DCA(Disney's Caifornia Adventure).  Water Bottles too heavy to carry you say?  No worries, you will be drinking 'em faster than you can say Goofy Goof (yes, that is his last name).

More tips manana as I will be reporting from Disneyland!


  1. Goofy Goof??? who knew.
    have a great time!

  2. We brought water to WDW too and it saved our lives!!!!! GREAT TIP!

    I hope you have a blast!

  3. We are heading that way in August. Can't wait! I'm anxious to see World of Color at California Adventure. Have you seen it? I hear that the crowds are terrible for the shows. I'm thinking of during a "dining" show or a reserved picnic. Any suggestions on which one might be best. Ariel's, Trattoria or the Reserved Picnic area?

    Hope you had a great time on your trip!


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