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Vegas and A New Blog Design

Im in need of a bloggy make-over, as you can see.  I blew my original design but after a year, a change would be nice.  Anyone know of a good, reliable blog designer?  Please let me know...Also wanted to share some pics of my recent trip to Vegas, Baby!  It was back in Feb. but I thought I'd lost these pics...check them out!
This was our room at the Encore

Comfy bed...
Luxurious bath with robes and a scale!

Check back tomorrow for more fabulous pics!


  1. Vegas with fancy schmancy robes and everything?!! Fabulous! Can't wait to see what you may come up with for a design!

  2. Very nice! I have never been there, and I hope to some day!

  3. Ooooh Vegas! I went back in 2005. I'd love to go again. That room is awesome!

  4. I was at the Venetian Hotel back in October and it was as luxurious. I hope that your rest was fun and I look forward to your new blog design. Finding a blog designer depends on what style you are looking for. You know cutsie and cartoony or custom photos, sleek graphics. SITS has a great group of blog designers on their roll call and if you email me I can give you a few names as well.


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