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Second Blog and Giveaway!

It's a little late for spring cleaning but better late than never, right?  I've got lots of great things that I never or rarely use so I thought I would do what some of you guys have already done and put this stuff for sale on the internet! and so GIGI'S SHOPPING BAG was born...YAY!

Check it out! I'm adding new stuff all the time so become a follower!

Now on to the giveaway...Win this beautiful brand new silver Cookie Lee bracelet !!
Just become a follower of Vino Bodega for one entry. Already a follower?  Leave me a comment for your first entry.   Become a follower on Gigi's Shopping Bag for a second entry!  Follow me on Twitter for yet another entry. Giveaway ends next Friday, June 4th, 10pm Disneyland time.  Thanks and good luck!

Vegas Part Tres

After dinner we walked over to the MGM to pick up our show tickets and walked across the bridge that leads to NY NY Hotel and snapped this shot on the balcony
The tickets were for the Zumanity show where this lovely, uh, lady is the mistress of ceremonies or ringleader, rather!  She really is quite beautiful and really tall...Our seats were very close up so I could see every last detail and this lovely man-lady could see the horror in my face!  The whole show was very, shall we say, sexy and erotic and out of my comfort zone!.  The room and the tickets were a gift and were very much appreciated! 
It was Chinese New Year hence the humongous dragon in the lobby of the Wynn.  See me in the lower right-hand corner?  I look like one of those white 1980's mannequins with no face!  Nice.

Keep an eye out for future posts on some great Disneyland tips!

Vegas Part Deux

This portrait was hanging over the bar in our room at the Encore.  Don't know why but I just had to snap a pic of it.

This was my ride!  I wish...

Had a Fabulous dinner at Roy's Hawaiian Fusion Restaurant
Roy's went all out with a personalized birthday note and dessert!
Stay-tuned next week for more Vegas, Baby!   

Vegas and A New Blog Design

Im in need of a bloggy make-over, as you can see.  I blew my original design but after a year, a change would be nice.  Anyone know of a good, reliable blog designer?  Please let me know...Also wanted to share some pics of my recent trip to Vegas, Baby!  It was back in Feb. but I thought I'd lost these pics...check them out!
This was our room at the Encore

Comfy bed...
Luxurious bath with robes and a scale!

Check back tomorrow for more fabulous pics!

News Flash! Mickey Mouse Finally Speaks To Guests at Disneyland!

OMG!  I almost fainted when I saw this!  I couldn't believe what I was seeing!  Mickey Mouse talking and INTERACTING with kids at Disneyland!  YES, talking, blinking, mouth moving EVERYTHING!  Don't believe me??? Just watch this...

Celebrating Five/Five With This Cocktail

Thought I would celebrate with a refreshing drink.  These are all the ingredients you need.  Those are mint
 leaves from the Vino Bodega Herb Garden and yes, that's a big, huge Jalapeno pepper!

Simply remove the seeds and chop up the pepper.  Grab a pretty glass and "muddle" the mint and the chopped up pieces of pepper in the glass carefully...

Add ice, 2 oz. of Tequila and fill with Pineapple juice...

And Voila!

You got yourself a refreshing, not-too-sweet yet savory Mexican drink you can enjoy any day!

To Go Brazilian or Not...

Not that kind of Brazilian!  I'm talking about the new 90 minute Brazilian Blow Out .  I have naturally curly hair and to be honest, I'm REALLY tired of dealing with it.  I usually use a ton of anti-frizz product and let it dry naturally but then it just kinda lays flat.  What I really want is that "just left the salon" look EVERYDAY!  but what if I turn out to be a freak of nature and the Brazilian doesn't work on me!  So I continue to ponder...and save my pennies because it is an expensive procudeure.  Have any of you gone Brazilian?