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Happy Birthday To Me...Giveaway!

It's my birthday today and to celebrate, I'm giving away my copy of Rachael Ray's first cookbook! Hooray! It's not the one in the picture(Google images apparantly doesn't have it) but it looks similar to that one.
For a chance at this lovely recipe book, just leave a comment. For 2 chances, become a follower of Vino Bodega! That's it! Giveaway ends Sunday February 28th, 10 pm Disneyland time. Good luck!

An Oldie But A Goodie

One of my favorite everyday wines, both red and white, comes from Argentina. I thought I'd seen the last of Fuerza until I took a trip to Trader Joe's on Valentine's Day. I was excited to see my old friend, the 2007 Fuerza Blancos, a light and refreshing white wine made from the Torrentes grape. A couple of rows above that, to my heart's delight, I found the Blancos redheaded sister, the Fuerza Malbec. I really liked the '08 but had to try the '09 and I am happy to report that it is just as fruity and delicious as its predecessor. Maybe a little raisin-y(for lack of a better word) but no after-taste and still good. You can't beat the price! At only $4.99 a bottle, the Fuerza Malbec makes for a great everyday red and the Blancos is one to savor on those warm and sunny today. Cheers!