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Words To Live By

I read this on a church marquee this morning:


Mind your own business and NEVER JUDGE...Words to live by.

Giveaway and New Blog

Hey everyone!  It's been awhile, I know. I've been hard at work on a new Etsy store and website/blog for my new handmade jewelry.  I'm always looking for a creative outlet and this opportunity just happened to come along on its own.  I'm so excited about it that I'm giving away a pair of freshwater pearl earrings!  So hop on over to Bijoux In Bloom to get all the details on how you can win!

Heading Out to Disneyland This Summer?

I am, actually I was there just a couple weeks ago and I'm going there today for 3 whole days!  If you are going there this summer, be prepared for crowds, heat and lots of waiting in line.

First up PARKING...If you plan to park here...
At the Mickey and Friends parking structure, be ready to shell out $14.  The fee has increased $3 in the past 3 years.  Someone's gotta pay for World Of Color!!!

What about food???  Well, one of the cheapest and delicious comes from here...
The world famous Main Street Corndog Truck.  You get a delicious, crispy corndog and chips for a mere $5.79 (prices subject to change without notice...that goes for everything at Disneyland).  Just be sure you have a clearance from your cardiologist before you indulge in this tasty treat! It's located at the end of Main Street, to the right, across from the Baby Station, if you are entering from the main gate...or just follow the smell of burning grease.

Drink tips, you say?  Just four words...BRING YOUR OWN WATER.  It is allowed!  No need to spend a small fortune on water there, save your mula for the Golden Vine Wine Bar at DCA(Disney's Caifornia Adventure).  Water Bottles too heavy to carry you say?  No worries, you will be drinking 'em faster than you can say Goofy Goof (yes, that is his last name).

More tips manana as I will be reporting from Disneyland!

Things Don't Just Happen in the Movies...

This actually happened to Hubby.  He found this as he arrived to work and corrected the situation.  Watch the first minute.

Giveaway Winner!

The lucky winner of the Cookie Lee bracelet is....UNKNOWN MAMI!...congratulations!  Now check out her blog here and stay tuned for another giveaway soon!  Have a great Sunday everyone!

Second Blog and Giveaway!

It's a little late for spring cleaning but better late than never, right?  I've got lots of great things that I never or rarely use so I thought I would do what some of you guys have already done and put this stuff for sale on the internet! and so GIGI'S SHOPPING BAG was born...YAY!

Check it out! I'm adding new stuff all the time so become a follower!

Now on to the giveaway...Win this beautiful brand new silver Cookie Lee bracelet !!
Just become a follower of Vino Bodega for one entry. Already a follower?  Leave me a comment for your first entry.   Become a follower on Gigi's Shopping Bag for a second entry!  Follow me on Twitter for yet another entry. Giveaway ends next Friday, June 4th, 10pm Disneyland time.  Thanks and good luck!

Vegas Part Tres

After dinner we walked over to the MGM to pick up our show tickets and walked across the bridge that leads to NY NY Hotel and snapped this shot on the balcony
The tickets were for the Zumanity show where this lovely, uh, lady is the mistress of ceremonies or ringleader, rather!  She really is quite beautiful and really tall...Our seats were very close up so I could see every last detail and this lovely man-lady could see the horror in my face!  The whole show was very, shall we say, sexy and erotic and out of my comfort zone!.  The room and the tickets were a gift and were very much appreciated! 
It was Chinese New Year hence the humongous dragon in the lobby of the Wynn.  See me in the lower right-hand corner?  I look like one of those white 1980's mannequins with no face!  Nice.

Keep an eye out for future posts on some great Disneyland tips!

Vegas Part Deux

This portrait was hanging over the bar in our room at the Encore.  Don't know why but I just had to snap a pic of it.

This was my ride!  I wish...

Had a Fabulous dinner at Roy's Hawaiian Fusion Restaurant
Roy's went all out with a personalized birthday note and dessert!
Stay-tuned next week for more Vegas, Baby!   

Vegas and A New Blog Design

Im in need of a bloggy make-over, as you can see.  I blew my original design but after a year, a change would be nice.  Anyone know of a good, reliable blog designer?  Please let me know...Also wanted to share some pics of my recent trip to Vegas, Baby!  It was back in Feb. but I thought I'd lost these pics...check them out!
This was our room at the Encore

Comfy bed...
Luxurious bath with robes and a scale!

Check back tomorrow for more fabulous pics!

News Flash! Mickey Mouse Finally Speaks To Guests at Disneyland!

OMG!  I almost fainted when I saw this!  I couldn't believe what I was seeing!  Mickey Mouse talking and INTERACTING with kids at Disneyland!  YES, talking, blinking, mouth moving EVERYTHING!  Don't believe me??? Just watch this...

Celebrating Five/Five With This Cocktail

Thought I would celebrate with a refreshing drink.  These are all the ingredients you need.  Those are mint
 leaves from the Vino Bodega Herb Garden and yes, that's a big, huge Jalapeno pepper!

Simply remove the seeds and chop up the pepper.  Grab a pretty glass and "muddle" the mint and the chopped up pieces of pepper in the glass carefully...

Add ice, 2 oz. of Tequila and fill with Pineapple juice...

And Voila!

You got yourself a refreshing, not-too-sweet yet savory Mexican drink you can enjoy any day!

To Go Brazilian or Not...

Not that kind of Brazilian!  I'm talking about the new 90 minute Brazilian Blow Out .  I have naturally curly hair and to be honest, I'm REALLY tired of dealing with it.  I usually use a ton of anti-frizz product and let it dry naturally but then it just kinda lays flat.  What I really want is that "just left the salon" look EVERYDAY!  but what if I turn out to be a freak of nature and the Brazilian doesn't work on me!  So I continue to ponder...and save my pennies because it is an expensive procudeure.  Have any of you gone Brazilian?

Some Mighty Meaty Crazy Cocktails

Looks like a meal in a glass!  A Raw Foods addict friend of mine posted the cocktail below on Facebook and I couldn't resist.   It is infused with beef boullion and yes, that's bacon-wrapped and mystery meat-stuffed olives.
I must say, the drink on top made me gag when I saw it.  It looks like a previously digested hot dog floating in its own "juice" along with the plastic wrap...vomit kept in!  I better stop looking at it.  Next time I won't be so lucky... 

Check Out This COOL Gadget

This occupies the Numero Uno spot on my Summer Shopping List!

Danielle Steel Books For Sale...CHEAP!

Get the latest hard-cover novel from Danielle Steel entitled "Big Girl" AND one of her classic paperbacks "Dating Game" both for just $15!!! includes shipping! I just finished reading both and LOVED them! Leave me a comment if you are interested!

A Night At The Oscars

Some of my not-so favorites...
Charlize! the double-sided tape goes on the INSIDE of the dress! Where does it begin and end? Too much going on for me
Looks too much like a maternity dress. Show off your waist, woman!
Some of my favorite dresses of the evening...
Tres elegant
This cougar's got it goin' on!
Loving the neutral blush colors
Which was your favorite?

15th Anniversary of Disneyland's Indiana Jones Ride

Today is the 15th anniversary of what I and my teenage son think is the best ride at Disneyland. Indiana Jones and The Temple of The Forbidden Eye debuted back in 1995. I was at Disneyland just weeks before the grand opening of this thrill ride. I was there taking my then one year-old baby boy on his first visit to Disneyland. I will never forget it. The last time we were on this ride we had a bit of an unusual experience. The Indie ride is a series of twists and turns inside of the temple. There is danger at every turn. The jeep "breaks down" in the darkness at one point and struggles to start up again as part of the experience. Well, for some strange reason, the "oh-oh" factor lasted way too long and the jeep would not "start up" again. I know this ride like the back of my hand and I started to panic. Being the pessimist I am, I thought for sure the next jeep would come crashing into us from behind. Luckily it finally started up only to breakdown again while Indiana Jones was hanging right above us and telling us to "hold on and turn right!" or something. This is the part when the big concrete ball comes at you ready to pulverize you and your fellow jeepsters. The Indiana Jones ride has had its ups and downs and often closes due to "technical difficulties". It was just the creepiest Indiana Jones experience we have ever had but I must look at the bright side.... At least I didn't get groped!

Birthday Bling

A birthday gift from my mom I will be announcing the winner of the Rachael Ray cookbook tomorrow! Who knows? It may be YOU!

Happy Birthday To Me...Giveaway!

It's my birthday today and to celebrate, I'm giving away my copy of Rachael Ray's first cookbook! Hooray! It's not the one in the picture(Google images apparantly doesn't have it) but it looks similar to that one.
For a chance at this lovely recipe book, just leave a comment. For 2 chances, become a follower of Vino Bodega! That's it! Giveaway ends Sunday February 28th, 10 pm Disneyland time. Good luck!

An Oldie But A Goodie

One of my favorite everyday wines, both red and white, comes from Argentina. I thought I'd seen the last of Fuerza until I took a trip to Trader Joe's on Valentine's Day. I was excited to see my old friend, the 2007 Fuerza Blancos, a light and refreshing white wine made from the Torrentes grape. A couple of rows above that, to my heart's delight, I found the Blancos redheaded sister, the Fuerza Malbec. I really liked the '08 but had to try the '09 and I am happy to report that it is just as fruity and delicious as its predecessor. Maybe a little raisin-y(for lack of a better word) but no after-taste and still good. You can't beat the price! At only $4.99 a bottle, the Fuerza Malbec makes for a great everyday red and the Blancos is one to savor on those warm and sunny today. Cheers!

Boys Are So Silly

My son called me into his room to show me this on his bed...

he said it was his version of this... Wouldn't George Lucas be proud ; )

It's All In The Disney Details

These are pictures I took of the seating area in the Hollywood Backlot section of Disney's California Adventure I love how they took broken tiles, dishes, mugs, forks, spoons and other trinkets and used them to create these beautiful collages Above is the Avalon Casino located on Catalina Island Inspired by wine and music and flying saucers?
California fruits and Jell-O
I can stare at them all day.
Have a great weekend!

A Cut Above The Rest...The 2010 Tournament of Roses Parade

Happy New Year to you all! Did any of you watch the Rose Parade? I watch it every year from the warmth and comfort of my family room couch. Have I ever slept on the freezing cold sidewalks of Colorado Blvd just to get a frist-hand look at the Rose Parade? Yes, I have. Once. It was back in the '80's and never again.
Nowadays, I watch it mostly just to to see my city's float. Yes, my little town is one of only a handful that raise the 40K or more to design and build a float. This year was extra special because my city won the Mayor's Trophy and it is well deserved. This year's float honored the Tuskegee Airmen who were definately a cut above the rest. They were the first black airmen to proudly serve our country during World War II.
I swelled up with pride (or was it all the cookies and tamales I was eating, ok, ok, all three) as I watched the "City of West Covina-Mayor's Trophy" flash across my television screen. No, Beverly Hills doesn't sponsor a float, Laguna Hills doesn't have a float! Neither does Hollywood but my little city does! I suppose the Rose Parade is more of a Pasadena and surrounding area-thing rather than a Los Angeles-thing but it is probably(next to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade) the most popular parade in the world. I am also fortunate enough to have "MY" float delivered to my doorstep, well, not exactly my doorstep but close enough. The float slowly travelled all day Sunday through the back streets of the San Gabriel Valley to arrive 5 hours later at a local shopping center parking lot. The city made a 3-day event out of it so I dragged the kiddies down to see the float and enjoy all of the festivites. I hope my kids will always appreciate all of the endless hard work and dedication this small group of West Covinians puts forth for them and all of the residents. A big thank you from us! See you next year! Kimmie with her keepsake rose and the very handsome Tuskegee Airmen