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Tipsy The Sideways Snowman...

Tipsy stopped by my house(uninvited) a few days ago. He immediately made his way over to the Holiday Cheer (bar) area of my house. He mixed up a few of his seasonal favorites and I must say, Tipsy is quite the Mixologist. Tipsy and I had a grand old time. It was getting late and the heater was on and Tipsy started to stain the rug so he bid me farewell. He left me with some drink recipes that are sure to put the Fa back in your La, jingle your bells (all the way) and Deck your Halls or those of your uninvited guests. So check back this week for some of Tipsy's Holiday Classics and spread some Christmas cheer of your own!

Warning us to Be Good while he spreads "Holiday Cheer" along the way.