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The Thanksgiving-Tini

The holidays gettin' you down? Is your to-do list longer than a roll of toilet paper? Well, here's something to put the gravy back on your mashed potatoes this ThanksgivingSay hello to my little friends...Jagermeister (a German concoction that is a great addition to any home bar, closet or glove compartment), Baileys, the good ol' martini shaker and a shot of half and half.First you MUST chill your martini glass by adding ice and water to it. While your glass sits and chills for a bit, pour equal parts Jagermeister and Baileys to a shaker full of ice, add a shot or two of half and half or whole milk and shake your booty for a few seconds. While you're doing the shakety-shake, dump the ice out of the glass(make sure you're aiming it at someone you don't like). Voila! This is what you get...frosty perfection!

Pour the mixture into the glass and sprinkle with a dash of nutmeg, pumpkin pie spice or cinnamon and you've got Thanksgiving in a glass! Cheers!