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The Holidays Are A Time For Family????

Have you ever been insulted? I'm not talking about a little remark here, or a comment there that may or may not have been intended for you. I'm talking about a straight-on, no holds barred insult made directly to your face for no good reason. A direct hit aimed right at you. Well I have, and on my birthday no less! After an evening of celebrating, Hubby and I along with my sister-in-law and former brother-in-law stopped at a Denny's. I was enjoying my decaf when out of nowhere, my BIL tells me that my hair looks bad, that I don't look good as a blond and that it looks fake! My SIL followed that by saying they CAN tell me these things because they are DRUNK! Now if that isn't CLASS then I don't know what is!...just omit the C and the L, of course.