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Celebrating Autumn Snuggie Style

It's not exactly Autumn in Southern Clifornia but the evenings are beginning to get a wee bit chilly. That means it's Snuggie Season! So Let's curl up on the couch in our Snuggies with a glass of red wine in one hand, the remote in the other and turn on the boob tube...
Hey! The Today show is on. The Hosts sure look happy! Why? Because they're keeping toasty warm in their new Snuggies.
Let's change the channel...look, the game is on and what a better way to show off your college football team spirit! Sorry but USC Trojans is not, hoo (yes, I checked)
And for the more sophisticated member of the family, there's the leopard print Snuggie. The fashion-forward glamour queen (the uncle no-one talks about or the aunt that's working on her 5th marriage) can enjoy his or her favorite romance novel in the warmth and comfort that is the Snuggie... and look Fab while doing it. Meow.....!