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Coach Purse For Sale-Auction Style

My daughter Kimmie is auctioning off this cute, authentic COACH purse. It was given to her by her grandma but never used it. It's in perfect condition and has a beige leather bottom, leather arm strap, tassle and trademark leather "COACH" charm. The striped fabric has a satiny finish.
The funds will go to help pay for her trip to the Catalina Island Marine Institute. Kimmie will get to travel to Catalina Island, a small island an hour off the coast of California, and study at the institute for 4 days along with her 6th grade class. As you can imagine, it is a wonderful yet expensive trip so we are auctioning off some great stuff to help pay for it.
The auction will start at $45. Please make your bids in $2 increments. Please email me or leave a comment with your questions. Thanks so much!