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Virtual Girl's Night Out-Time To 'Fess Up


Happy VGNO to you all! Hope you are enjoying your summer! Our hostess for this eveving, Ann from Ann Again and Again is at it again, and again with a cool party game. Pay a visit to her blog and link up. Take the title of the blog ahead of you and either write a sentence or a short story or whatever pops into your head. I'm just glad Fire Crotch Rocket wasn't ahead of me in line!

Mine couldn't be more inapproriate because everyone knows I'm THEE perfect parent! No, not really...

Coming Clean...Confessions of an Imperfect Parent. Time to fess up! Just a couple of days ago I bought a great bottle of wine ( I promise to blog about it soon!). This particular wine comes in a very cool looking bottle. It's partly frosted with pictures of a river...Just looking at it makes you want to chug it down. I was describing it to Hubby when my 11 year old chimed in and said: "It looks just like a bottle of Grey Goose Vodka"...Now how does this child know what a bottle of Grey Goose Vodka is, let alone what it looks like? I suppose my wine and spirits-ey ways have rubbed off on her. She can look forward to being known as the booze know-it-all, the go-to girl for cocktails, the official Beer guru of her college dorm...I'm a bad, bad Mommy!