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Close Encounters with the Rich and Famous

Nowadays, there aren't many advantages to living in sunny Southern California, what with the budget crisis, earthquakes, high sales tax, heat wave and what not. Since I was born and raised here, I like to think that there's still a couple of perks to living in the City of Angels (or there abouts) like the occasional run-in with a celebrity. Yes, my winey friends, even in my suburban neck of the woods, I've spotted a film crew or two or three in recent years and if you count Zac Efron stopping by to take a dump and buy candy at the corner gas station off of the San Bernardino freeway near my house, its the place to be for some major star-gazing... which brings me to my lovely niece. A few years ago, my niece went to the park in her upscale suburban town located just east of downtown LA. It was a warm summer day and a certain actress/singer/dancer/fashion mogul was filming her new movie Monster In Law. This quadruple threat is apparently very friendly, especially to children so my niece and yes, you guessed it! Jennifer Lopez said hello and chatted a bit in between takes. After having such a cool experience, you would think that my lovely little niece would learn to carry a camera with her everywhere she goes from that moment on. Well...
Fast forward a couple years. My niece, my daughter Kimmie and I went to Disneyland (what else is new). The parade on Main Street was in full swing and we were trying to get to the ice cream shop (not Gibson girl, the other one by the lockers) We stopped for a few minutes to check out the parade when a "dumb-ass" decide to stop not two feet right in front of me and completely blocked my view . I quickly realized that "dumb-ass" with the big bright blue eyes was none other than NICHOLAS CAGE! (and his tiny baby in a stroller). The two ding-dongs next to me (daughter and niece) had no clue to the happenings around them, which was a-okay with me. I just took it all in, by myself. Until Mrs. Skinny Bitch Cage came round the corner. I must say, however, Nick looked painfully thin but much more better looking in person and what a tan!. I, being the resourceful one in the family, had a camera with me but I didn't want to make a fuss because he was with the baby. It didn't stop one crazy star-struck woman however!!!
A few months ago, said niece had an interview(yes you read that right) for a swanky all-girls high school in Pasadena. The evening of her interview, my niece and her parents drove to this shi-shi school a tad early and therefore were asked to wait. They were seated in a passage way and noticed that a film crew was shooting around the grounds. What happened next you ask? Only every girl's, woman's, cougar's dream!!! Who approached my young niece while he awaited a scene? Well... none other than a certain "pale one"!!!!! Yes, fellow wineauxs, Edward Cullen himself, in the cold, hard, marble-esque flesh! He was sitting around, waiting and just decided to mozey on over and chit chat with my niece!!. Can you believe she had Edward Cullen all to her little self...Let me repeat, SHE HAD EDWARD CULLEN ALL TO HERSELF!!!!!!!!!!! albeit, with parental supervision, but still, ALL TO HERSELF! The camera? No where to be found. Cell phone? no where in sight.
Oh dear, dear niece, when will you learn? You obviously have the Midas Touch when it comes to being in the right place at the right time. Do yourself a favor and take note from your Auntie Rosie. Except for the bottle of wine, Always carry a camera with you with fresh batteries in it! or at least a fully charged cell phone, or both just to be on the safe side. Paper and pen would also come in handy as would a pair of handcuffs!

Ice Ice Baby

Remember this guy? Bzz Agent sent me an autographed 8x10 glossy of this one hit wonder as part of a new 7 Eleven Iced Coffee campaign. I Wonder where I should hang it . Next to the signed pic of Chewbacca, perhaps? Any ideas?