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More Shoes? Yeah, But These Are Mine

I often post about unusual shoes I find on the Internet but this time I thought I would show you several pairs from my own closet. By the way, these are my pasty white legs. Funny how they're still pale even though I brushed on some bronzer !

Love these with the warm browns and burgundy pattern by Madden Girl. Would you believe I've never worn them?

How about these suede 4-inchers from Carlos Santana. Have I worn these you ask? Nope!
Ooops! I almost fell while "modeling" these. They are the exact same pair as the ones in the first picture but in pinks and greys. Never worn these either.

Ahhhh! low and comfy with rubber soles for safety. I call these my granny shoes from Dressbarn. These are the only pair of the bunch that I've worn.

I know, I know...I should wear ALL of these shoes. I should throw on a cute outfit, have some fun with make up, slip on one of these fabulous pairs of shoes (other than the granny ones) and celebrate being a girly girl! Well, as a matter of fact, I have made up my mind to do so. You only live once so you might as well live it in style, YOUR style!

Thanks for checking out my little parade of shoes. There's more where that came from so stay tuned. I promise to sweep the floor next time!