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Tag You're It

Kristen over at All In A Moms Life tagged me. I've never been tagged before wow, this is fun! So I went into my picture file and picked the 10th picture and Voila...!
Sorry, no pics of Disneyland, drunkards, people with shoe fetishes or half-naked pool boys today! My pic is of my cousin, Mauricio. He was actually on "The Price Is Right" game show this morning!. I took a bunch of pictures of my TV. Yes, I know it's so Jr. High but I thought it would be cool! Besides, he was the last person to "come on down and be the next contestant...". He went with a group of co-workers from Yahoo! and he made out with over $28,000 worth of cash and prizes! including a trip to Paris to see the Tour De France, a kayak, his and her bikes and a spa vacation in Florida! He is now my favorite cousin.