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Grease Is The Word At The VGNO

Happy VGNO everyone. Tonight we are going back in time (cue the swirly picture). The year is 1978 , school's out and I am dying to see GREASE! My mom bought me the album(those big black round things) that I still have to this day! I memorized the songs and never forgot them!. I was a GREASE JUNKIE! Since I'm Naughty Nancy I suppose I will be the one to "bring the flask" to this party and oh yeah!...In the words of Marty..."Twinkies and Wine...that's real classy". I guess I memorized the lines of the movie too. Don't forget to stop by and say hello to our hostess who's the mostess...Ann, link up and join the party! Maybe Johnny Casino and the Gamblers will perform for us! Happy VGNO everyone!

Doing A Little Dirty Dancing Tonight!

I'm gettin' my goove on tonight and watching the stage performance of Dirty Dancing. Nah-ah, nobody's puttin' me in a corner! I'm having my glass o' vino and shimmying down to the Pantages with Hubby and Bubba and having me a blast! Can't wait. Expect a full report tomorrow. If you are or will be in the L.A. area, the show will be at the Pantages theatre until June 28th .