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Just Another Malbec Monday

OK class, in case you haven't already been edumacated on this wine, let me give you a quick run down on zee Malbec. The Malbec grape is grown in Argentina, South America. The wine region in Argentina best known for Malbec is called the Mendoza region. Malbec is grown and produced in other parts of the world but when you hear Malbec, you pretty much think, Mendoza region of Argentina. Its look and consistency is much like that of a hearty Merlot. Nuff said. One of my favorite Malbecs is the 2006 Kaiken Ultra Malbec. Sounds like a diet beer, doesn't it? But far from it! It's a great one to try if you've never tried a Malbec before. It's medium to full-bodied so it's on the heavier side but loaded with lots of fruity goodness.
I first tried it at dinner at the World Famous Pacific Dining Car in Los Angeles pictured below.
It's been cloudy and drizzly here in Southern California the past few days so it's perfect "Malbec" weather. This is not a wine I would drink outside on a hot afternoon, while Paco the pool boy waits on me hand and foot. If I did I'd end up passed out in the cabana with Paco giving me mouth-to-mouth...Hmmm. Paco
Wondering where you can find this delectable item? Not Paco! the wine! Focus, people, I know I probably lost some of you to Paco but the rest of you, please bear with me!
Email me and I'll research it for you...yes, it's worth trying and no it won't break the bank!