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Stargazing at the VGNO

Happy Virtual Girl's Night Out Ladies and gentlemen(if any). Maybe Ann should change it to "Virtual Person's Night Out" Just a thought. Anyhoo, tonight's topic is FLOWERS! I love flowers don't you?! my favorite is the Stargazer Lilly. The Stargazer is not big on scent but it carries a huge burst of color that brightens my day! They are so mesmerizing, it's hard to keep my eyes off of them! Hmmm...Here are a few Stars I like gazing at from time to time.... quite mesmerizing as well! Clive Owen-Gotta love his eyes! Look at George, dripping wet! towel required
Gotta love that naughty boy, Charlie Sheen (minus the pinkie ring and Pepto bismol shirt)
Even itchy Bad Boys are HOT! But the cigarette is NOT!
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