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Lady Diana...And You Thought I was Talking About the Princess

Happy New Year's Eve to all! What a better way to celebrate the new year than with a traditional glass of bubbly...with a twist. Princess Diana's favorite drink was a glass of champagne with a strawberry or two dropped inside. Since it was her fave, they (the booze powers that be) decided to name this simple drink the Lady Diana. What's kinda messed up though is what they decided to name another version of this drink. You can also "muddle" the strawberry or smash it up in the glass then pour the champagne in. This is called the Bloody Diana. The name sucks but it sounds delicious! However, in honor of 2010, let's all grab a champagne flute, pour some Veuve Clicquot, White Star or whatever sparkling wine is your favorite and drop a fresh, plump strawberry in it and drink to a healthy, happy and fabulous New Year!


  1. Happy New Year!!! I hope 2010 brings you happiness and nothing but!

  2. I want in on this fantastic event!

  3. I am late but...HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! I hope 2010 is the best yet!



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