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Getting In The Spirit of Christmas at The Mission Inn

I spent my Sunday evening at this historic landmark in Riverside, CA
This magical place is like a european castle in the middle of nowhere Every year at this time they have the Festival of Lights. We brought Grandma with us this yearI stayed here overnight for my birthday a couple of years ago. See the top floor windows? The one on the right was our room. Pretty lit walkway They even decorate the balconies
Check out the creepy elf eyeballing us
Lights everywhere!
Even on the palm trees...very cool
Even cooler... This is where we had dinner. I love this pic.
Carriage rides for the Cinderella in you
Stunning architecture
The Grand entrance
I wonder what the electric bill is


  1. It's beautiful! We have a place similiar to that here and I am hoping to make it there this weekend!


  2. That is absolutely gorgeous there! You are so lucky!

  3. My husband stayed there a couple of years ago on a business trip. I remember at the time him telling me how beautiful it was and promising to take me there sometime. I had never seen pictures. It does look gorgeous. Mmmmm, I'm thinking I need to remind my husband that he made a promise...

  4. ooh-la-la what lovely them all!

    Sassy Chica

  5. Stay away from that elf! I hope he didn't follow you home.

  6. Holy entire blog dedicated to one of my favorite indulgances...Vino!!

    I'm visiting from SITS thanks to their Click Carnival. I will be visiting again thanks to their Click Carnival!!

  7. How beautiful! I want to go there! Merry Christmas! I'm out leaving comments for all the people whose buttons I have on my blog.

  8. Love the lights. I want to take a carriage ride!


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