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Lady Diana...And You Thought I was Talking About the Princess

Happy New Year's Eve to all! What a better way to celebrate the new year than with a traditional glass of bubbly...with a twist. Princess Diana's favorite drink was a glass of champagne with a strawberry or two dropped inside. Since it was her fave, they (the booze powers that be) decided to name this simple drink the Lady Diana. What's kinda messed up though is what they decided to name another version of this drink. You can also "muddle" the strawberry or smash it up in the glass then pour the champagne in. This is called the Bloody Diana. The name sucks but it sounds delicious! However, in honor of 2010, let's all grab a champagne flute, pour some Veuve Clicquot, White Star or whatever sparkling wine is your favorite and drop a fresh, plump strawberry in it and drink to a healthy, happy and fabulous New Year!

The Pointsettia...and You Thought I Was Talking About The Flower

I feel like I've been away forever but now I'm back! Hope everyone had a great Christmas. I've been hosting parties at my house all week and I am dead tired. Now, it's time for a cocktail... Grab yourself a champagne glass or a flute, a chilled bottle of champagne or any other sparkling wine, just as long as it's not dry or extra dry . Now go into the fridge and grab the kid's cranberry juice. Pour equal parts booze and juice into the flute and Voila!....The Pointsettia!
Recipe compliments of Tipsy the Sideways Snowman.

Getting In The Spirit of Christmas at The Mission Inn

I spent my Sunday evening at this historic landmark in Riverside, CA
This magical place is like a european castle in the middle of nowhere Every year at this time they have the Festival of Lights. We brought Grandma with us this yearI stayed here overnight for my birthday a couple of years ago. See the top floor windows? The one on the right was our room. Pretty lit walkway They even decorate the balconies
Check out the creepy elf eyeballing us
Lights everywhere!
Even on the palm trees...very cool
Even cooler... This is where we had dinner. I love this pic.
Carriage rides for the Cinderella in you
Stunning architecture
The Grand entrance
I wonder what the electric bill is

Tipsy The Sideways Snowman...

Tipsy stopped by my house(uninvited) a few days ago. He immediately made his way over to the Holiday Cheer (bar) area of my house. He mixed up a few of his seasonal favorites and I must say, Tipsy is quite the Mixologist. Tipsy and I had a grand old time. It was getting late and the heater was on and Tipsy started to stain the rug so he bid me farewell. He left me with some drink recipes that are sure to put the Fa back in your La, jingle your bells (all the way) and Deck your Halls or those of your uninvited guests. So check back this week for some of Tipsy's Holiday Classics and spread some Christmas cheer of your own!

Warning us to Be Good while he spreads "Holiday Cheer" along the way.

Giveaway Winner!

The winner of the Roc Correxion Night Cream is( insert drumroll here)...Teresa from Too Many Heartbeats!!! Yay! Not only will you receive a full-size tube of this wrinkle fighter but you will also receive, not one but three coupons for $3 off any Roc Skincare Product!!! Share with friends and family or keep them all to yourself! Either way you are on your way to looking like this again!...

Oh, wait, that's me... My bad!

Roc Retinol Correxion Night Cream Giveaway!

The nice people at BzzAgent sent me a few full-size containers of this new deep wrinkle correxion night cream. I've read about Roc products in several magazines and how great they are for the price. This one retails for $21.99. Since I have a few, ahem, crows feet that need obliterating, I jumped on the band wagon.
I found this on their website and was amazed at the difference. They promise to take at least 10 years off your face! I'm looking forward to trying it and love that it's oil-free and it won't clog my pores or make me break-out.
Maybe I'll look like this again in 12 weeks!

Now it's your turn! Want a 1 oz. tube of your own for free? And a $3 coupon on a future purchase of ANY of Roc's skincare products? Leave me a comment for a chance to win ! Not a follower? Become one for a second chance. Enter by Monday, December 7th, 10pm Disneyland time. Good luck!

Tango With A Chair...On Ice

Sounds like an interesting drink doesn't it? Well, it's actually a cool video my college roommate sent me. I wish I could have as much fun with a chair and laundry!. Check it out.