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Cocktails and Heartburn

The study of Mixology has been a very interesting endeavor, that is for sure. I'm enjoying every minute of it. Most of the drinks I'm learning to create, I've never tried so the other day I decided to make a Fuzzy Navel. Wow, what a delicious drink! My compliments to the Peach Schnapps people! However...
I woke up that night with what I thought was either a heart attack or anxiety attack. I've never had either but I was doing some crazy self-diagnosing. After all, I only had half of that Fuzzy Navel but the feeling was sooo weird and unusual, I thought it was curtains for me.
I started praying to God, making crazy promises and everything. "Oh sweet Jesus, I know it's been a while but please, have mercy on me and make it go away...What do you mean, 'who is this?' ANYWAYS, I promise I will NEVER drink again...I promise I will go to church!" Yeah, right. Well, the Lord Almighty answered my prayers in the form of a glass of milk, yes, milk. Cured me just like that (snap!). I woke up Hubby and he said it was heartburn or that explains the burning in my ears! Sheesh.
This experience made me think...What happened to the good ol' days of yore when I would go out with friends and drink Rum & Coke like there was no tomorrow? We would frequent clubs and order Long Island Ice Teas, which contain 5, count 'em, 5! of the lesser quality liquors and NO tea whatsoever, and drink them like they were going out of style and not feel like crap!. Remember those glorious days? They are Looooong gone for moi! I'll be drinking warm milk from here on out...just call me Grandma. Hmm, maybe not.


  1. HaHaHa! This is hilarious! And just what happened to me over the weekend. My hangovers now last 3-4 days. Time to slow it down!

  2. Well granny just drink Shirley Temples from now on and leave the [heavy] drinking to us grown ups ;-)

    I'm a Malibu Rum and Pineapple girl myself with the occasional Amaretto or Madurai sour in the arsenal. Yummy times...

  3. I haven't had a mixed drink in forever. I used to do rum and cokes and amaretto sours (which I would still order)

    Glad you're having fun!

  4. I got heartburn the first when I was pregnant and yep it's the pitts. Your drink does sound delicious though.

  5. Cocktails rock! I know this is a wine lovers blog, but I switched from wine to cocktails years ago, after I became a single parent and opening a bottle of wine meant finishing it by myself within a few days. I love me a good martini. And my margarita recipe rocks big time.


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