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The Holidays Are A Time For Family????

Have you ever been insulted? I'm not talking about a little remark here, or a comment there that may or may not have been intended for you. I'm talking about a straight-on, no holds barred insult made directly to your face for no good reason. A direct hit aimed right at you. Well I have, and on my birthday no less! After an evening of celebrating, Hubby and I along with my sister-in-law and former brother-in-law stopped at a Denny's. I was enjoying my decaf when out of nowhere, my BIL tells me that my hair looks bad, that I don't look good as a blond and that it looks fake! My SIL followed that by saying they CAN tell me these things because they are DRUNK! Now if that isn't CLASS then I don't know what is!...just omit the C and the L, of course.


  1. LOLOLOLOLOL... being drunk is no reason to insult. What nerve. Your comfort should be that these folks aren't actually blood relatives.

    Well happy belated birthday.

  2. I think this is where the phrase "With friends like these, who needs enemies?" came from...

    Did you just celebrate a birthday and forget to tell us?!!!

  3. Well, did you tell them that since you were drunk, you could them classes (minus the c and l)! How unbelievably rude.

    I hope you enjoyed your birthday in spite of their horrific behavior.

  4. LOL! Well, I think we have all said some thing unintentionally when intoxicated. Despite the rude remark, I'm sure you had a grand day. Happy Belated Birthday! Love your site.

  5. Drunk or not drunk, some people have no filters and that is unfortunate for the rest of us. Darling I am so sorry that you had to put up with that...after this the holidays should be interesting!

    Sassy Chica

    I tried to comment earlier today and for whatever reason it did not register...probably user error. Love you and your blog!

  6. HUGS!!! I guess next year you'll pick different people to celebrate with! Happy Birthday!!!!!


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