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The Thanksgiving-Tini

The holidays gettin' you down? Is your to-do list longer than a roll of toilet paper? Well, here's something to put the gravy back on your mashed potatoes this ThanksgivingSay hello to my little friends...Jagermeister (a German concoction that is a great addition to any home bar, closet or glove compartment), Baileys, the good ol' martini shaker and a shot of half and half.First you MUST chill your martini glass by adding ice and water to it. While your glass sits and chills for a bit, pour equal parts Jagermeister and Baileys to a shaker full of ice, add a shot or two of half and half or whole milk and shake your booty for a few seconds. While you're doing the shakety-shake, dump the ice out of the glass(make sure you're aiming it at someone you don't like). Voila! This is what you get...frosty perfection!

Pour the mixture into the glass and sprinkle with a dash of nutmeg, pumpkin pie spice or cinnamon and you've got Thanksgiving in a glass! Cheers!

Wondering How to Celebrate The Season?

That would be so boss!
Serve up some Martinis in these cute glasses. Shaken not stirred, please!
Sashay across the room passing around some delicious hors d'oeuvres on this darling platter
Be the Hostess with the Mostess beautiful dress in the room!

The Retro Cocktail Party- Part Deaux continues Monday so don't miss it!

Martini glasses and platter available at

Cocktails and Heartburn

The study of Mixology has been a very interesting endeavor, that is for sure. I'm enjoying every minute of it. Most of the drinks I'm learning to create, I've never tried so the other day I decided to make a Fuzzy Navel. Wow, what a delicious drink! My compliments to the Peach Schnapps people! However...
I woke up that night with what I thought was either a heart attack or anxiety attack. I've never had either but I was doing some crazy self-diagnosing. After all, I only had half of that Fuzzy Navel but the feeling was sooo weird and unusual, I thought it was curtains for me.
I started praying to God, making crazy promises and everything. "Oh sweet Jesus, I know it's been a while but please, have mercy on me and make it go away...What do you mean, 'who is this?' ANYWAYS, I promise I will NEVER drink again...I promise I will go to church!" Yeah, right. Well, the Lord Almighty answered my prayers in the form of a glass of milk, yes, milk. Cured me just like that (snap!). I woke up Hubby and he said it was heartburn or that explains the burning in my ears! Sheesh.
This experience made me think...What happened to the good ol' days of yore when I would go out with friends and drink Rum & Coke like there was no tomorrow? We would frequent clubs and order Long Island Ice Teas, which contain 5, count 'em, 5! of the lesser quality liquors and NO tea whatsoever, and drink them like they were going out of style and not feel like crap!. Remember those glorious days? They are Looooong gone for moi! I'll be drinking warm milk from here on out...just call me Grandma. Hmm, maybe not.

The Holidays Are A Time For Family????

Have you ever been insulted? I'm not talking about a little remark here, or a comment there that may or may not have been intended for you. I'm talking about a straight-on, no holds barred insult made directly to your face for no good reason. A direct hit aimed right at you. Well I have, and on my birthday no less! After an evening of celebrating, Hubby and I along with my sister-in-law and former brother-in-law stopped at a Denny's. I was enjoying my decaf when out of nowhere, my BIL tells me that my hair looks bad, that I don't look good as a blond and that it looks fake! My SIL followed that by saying they CAN tell me these things because they are DRUNK! Now if that isn't CLASS then I don't know what is!...just omit the C and the L, of course.

Happy Hour Hostess

Hey everyone! I've been MIA the past week because I went back to school. Yes, that's right, school! I am on my way to becoming a certified "MIXOLOGIST "! I know what you're thinkin'...what the heck is a MIXOLOGIST anyway? For those of you who havn't figured it out, it's a title I have bestowed upon myself, a rank I am working so very hard to achieve! Only a chosen few (hundred thousand) can actually have the title. That title being....Bartender.
I am not fond of the label bartender (I don't know why but I just don't like it) so I have re-named it "MIXOLOGIST" for my own selfish purposes. I must add "certified" to this title because I will (in the next one to two weeks) have in my vermeuth-covered hands, a, what I call, DRINKPLOMA! I will gladly display it on my walls alongside the other ones. Won't Mom be proud! I can then get a job at such establishments as the lively Rumba Room (pictured above) at Universal Studios in Hollywood! Dancing, music and live entertainment? I'm sooo there!
Or the kooky Tiki-Ti Polenesian Bar(circa 1961) on Sunset!
Ok, so maybe my wine knowldege won't be put to use at a dive bar so perhaps Bar 1912 at the Beverly Hills Hotel will hire me!
Hey, If all else fails, I can always get a work visa and lightspeed it over to the Cantina. Interested?Check out Nationl Bartenders School here

Wine Quotes From Shakespeare

My son Bubba is once again involved in his school's drama program. This semester, the students will be performing Shakespeare's The Tempest. Bubba has been "promoted" to Assistant Director and has also written a Prequel to The Tempest entitled The Gale. Bubba has worked day and night on his prequel and is amazed everyday at seeing his work slowly coming to life. As his mom, not only am I proud, I am grateful to God that he has found his passion at such a young age. Some of us, like me, still have not found that one thing that lights our fire. It is not because we havn't looked but maybe because we are afraid. Maybe we are afraid of failing, afraid of how it will affect our loved ones , afraid of looking foolish and so on and so on. There are a million and one excuses I can think of. Have you found your passion? What is it and how did you know this was IT? Tell us about it. Now back to my original idea for this post!...
"Good wine is a good familiar creature if it be well used"-
William Shakespeare (1564-1616)Othello, II. iii. (315)
"Good wine needs no bush." -
William Shakespeare (1564-1616) from As You Like It, Epilogue. "A man cannot make him laugh - but that's no marvel; he drinks no wine"- William Shakespeare from Henry IV Part 2 "O thou invisible spirit of wine! if thou hast no name to be known by, let us call thee devil!"- William Shakespeare from Othello [1604 - 1605], act II, sc. iii, l. 285

Little Red Riding Hood Never Looked So Cute

My baby girl dressed up as LRRH on Halloween. Ain't she cute!She looks so grown up... But doesn't act like it!...And neither do I