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Pumpkins as Far as the Eye Can See

Yesterday I spent the beautiful and blustery afternoon Here.
It's located at the California State University just about a 10 minute drive from my house. Pumpkins galore!
Pumpkins in all shapes and sizes This one looks like it's in need of a little blue pill, if you know what I mean
This one looks like a scull or a chili pepper
This lady even brought a shopping cart. Now thats a serious Pumpkin Patch-Goer Wall to wall pumpkins
Pumpkin-pickin' Hubby
Pondering the Pumpkins
And then we drove home. See the little cluster of buildings in the distance? That's downtown Los Angeles

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  1. When you show LA like that, it make the trip to the pumpkin farm truly seem like an escape. :)


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