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Having Some Pre-Halloween Fun with Make-Up

Saturday evening my daughter Kimmie and I played around with make-up.

We used a palette of bright rainbow colors(88 color palette by Coastal Scents) befitting a Princess. I extended her eyeshadow out into the great beyond, drew in a few hearts and swirls with eyeliner, flushed her cheeks with my MAC blush in Fleur and came up with this "Overly Made-Up Princess" look. Note the tilted tiara and the messy hairdo.

Hmmm...I suppose this look can also be called the "Just Rolled Outta Bed, Princess?" look. Or "The Sassy Princess Visits the Barrio" Look
Or the "Just plain Scary Princess" look I think I prefer the "Au Naturelle Sleeping beauty" look the best.
What are all of YOU dressing up as?


  1. Putting on make up and playing "dress up" with your daughter sounds like so much fun.

  2. Love how you have that rainbow in there!

  3. Dressing up as a princess is always good! Growing up, I was a Princess for Halloween EVERY YEAR! So... what does that say about me?


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