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Face Your Fear of Anchovies

Are you afraid of eating anchovies? I was, that is, until Rachael Ray convinced me to tackle my fear head on. She promised it would be ok, that I would be ok. So...
First I dumped the slimy little things into a pan of olive oil and minced garlic (from the jar)
I also added fresh-ground pepper and red pepper flakes for a kick

After a few minutes, this was what was left!! Just as Rachael had promised! The fishies had completely disappeared leaving the best behind

I added it to some linguine and Viola!...Dinner is served and with no fishy taste!! Thank you Rachael!


  1. I'm coming to your house for dinner. I'll be there in about six hours. Keep it warm and make sure there is some wine left!

  2. Tis looks good but I don't like anchovies, never will. You enjoy, I'll have some wine.

  3. I still can't do it. It does look good though!

  4. I screamed like a girl when I saw the first picture, but I guess if you grind them up so you can't recognize them, then it wouldn't be so bad. The final product looks good.

  5. Oh it's SO true. And funny, Rachael was the one that pushed me to try it too :D She's started an anchovy revolution.


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