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Looking For a Last Minute Halloween Costume?

Nice, uh, Pumpkins? Remember the Mayor of McDonaldland? And you thought Disneyland was the ONLY land More fast food get-ups for your furry friend
I can't stop staring at this one This one is priceless. This kid will never be the same
I get cramps when I look at this one

Halloween Hors Devourers (because I can't spell)

Yummy treats for your guests, all from Sam's Club. Bacon-wrapped filet mignon bites are good and priced at only $10. Who doesn't love a good cheese, especially a creamy brie from France. Ooh La La! and it's less than $7. Beringer Knights Valley Cabernet is usually a yummy wine but not this time. I paid $17 for this bottle only to have it be a bit of a disappointment. Now I'm on the lookout for a juicy white wine to take to a party on Saturday. Wish me luck!

Pumpkins as Far as the Eye Can See

Yesterday I spent the beautiful and blustery afternoon Here.
It's located at the California State University just about a 10 minute drive from my house. Pumpkins galore!
Pumpkins in all shapes and sizes This one looks like it's in need of a little blue pill, if you know what I mean
This one looks like a scull or a chili pepper
This lady even brought a shopping cart. Now thats a serious Pumpkin Patch-Goer Wall to wall pumpkins
Pumpkin-pickin' Hubby
Pondering the Pumpkins
And then we drove home. See the little cluster of buildings in the distance? That's downtown Los Angeles

Having Some Pre-Halloween Fun with Make-Up

Saturday evening my daughter Kimmie and I played around with make-up.

We used a palette of bright rainbow colors(88 color palette by Coastal Scents) befitting a Princess. I extended her eyeshadow out into the great beyond, drew in a few hearts and swirls with eyeliner, flushed her cheeks with my MAC blush in Fleur and came up with this "Overly Made-Up Princess" look. Note the tilted tiara and the messy hairdo.

Hmmm...I suppose this look can also be called the "Just Rolled Outta Bed, Princess?" look. Or "The Sassy Princess Visits the Barrio" Look
Or the "Just plain Scary Princess" look I think I prefer the "Au Naturelle Sleeping beauty" look the best.
What are all of YOU dressing up as?

Face Your Fear of Anchovies

Are you afraid of eating anchovies? I was, that is, until Rachael Ray convinced me to tackle my fear head on. She promised it would be ok, that I would be ok. So...
First I dumped the slimy little things into a pan of olive oil and minced garlic (from the jar)
I also added fresh-ground pepper and red pepper flakes for a kick

After a few minutes, this was what was left!! Just as Rachael had promised! The fishies had completely disappeared leaving the best behind

I added it to some linguine and Viola!...Dinner is served and with no fishy taste!! Thank you Rachael!

Baby Your Wine

I'm always on the look out for cool wine gadgets. I found this one on my AdSense widget and couldn't resist clicking on it. The name caught my eye. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you the "Wine Diaper"...
The website boasts: "Pamper your wine and protect it when you travel". My opinion? Save the money and just grab the Huggies from your kiddie's bag along with some tape and wrap your precious Jesus Juice yourself.

Aloha Friday Question of the Day...Hiding Something, Are Ya?

Aloha Fridays: where you ask a simple question, give a simple answer, link it up at An Island Life, and do a little blog hopping.
Today's Question is...Are you keeping a secret from anyone right now???

A Day At The Los Angeles County Fair

Hubby and I spent the day at the L.A. County Fair last week.

We ate a little of this...

Drank a little of that...

We played with the animals...

Got a henna tat... Played dress up
And then Drank a little more...'til next year