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Wine-O The Day

Today's featured wine is a lovely Riesling by Dr. Willkomms called Blue River from the Mosel area of Germany. It's only slightly sweet, or as snobby winos say, off-dry. It definitely won't give you cavities but it's got just enough sweetness for those of you who prefer sweeter wines. The alcohol content is only 9.5% allowing one to enjoy subsequent glasses without the headache. I picked up my first bottle at Sam's Club for less than $8 and enjoyed it so much, I picked up four more on my next trip. The bottle is pretty too! It's frosted with a lovely drawing of a Mosel River that winds through the steep German hillsides. As my daughter would say, it looks like a bottle of Grey Goose. I suppose the wino in me has rubbed off on her.
Today's high is going to be over 100 degrees! So it's still summer here in the 'burbs of Los Angeles making it perfect weather for enjoying a cool glass of this delicious wine. Cheers!


  1. The first thing I noticed was how lovely that wine bottle was!

  2. 100 degrees? Now I know why the AC is blasting away. OK. I'm gonna have to search for this one too. Maybe Henry's will have it. I'm going there today.

  3. Oh yeah. My Disney Passport is due for renewal. I am so debating getting the mother-load one...but I need a little convincing. Would you care to do the honors?

  4. It sounds delish! I love the look of the bottle too, I have to admit that is one of the first deciding factors for me when buying wine.

    {Thanks for following btw - Now following you, looking forward to reading your posts}

  5. Yikes over 100! Too Hot! I don't usually go for Riesling but since this one isn't too sweet I bet I'd like it. I'll have to look for it!


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