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Celebrating Autumn Snuggie Style

It's not exactly Autumn in Southern Clifornia but the evenings are beginning to get a wee bit chilly. That means it's Snuggie Season! So Let's curl up on the couch in our Snuggies with a glass of red wine in one hand, the remote in the other and turn on the boob tube...
Hey! The Today show is on. The Hosts sure look happy! Why? Because they're keeping toasty warm in their new Snuggies.
Let's change the channel...look, the game is on and what a better way to show off your college football team spirit! Sorry but USC Trojans is not, hoo (yes, I checked)
And for the more sophisticated member of the family, there's the leopard print Snuggie. The fashion-forward glamour queen (the uncle no-one talks about or the aunt that's working on her 5th marriage) can enjoy his or her favorite romance novel in the warmth and comfort that is the Snuggie... and look Fab while doing it. Meow.....!

VGNO Forecast: Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs

Happy VGNO everyone! Join the party over at ANN AGAIN And AGAIN and link up. Just got back from watching Cloudy with A Chance of Meatballs. What an amazing movie. Take the Kiddos to see it in all its IMAX 3D glory. It's eye candy to say the least!

Painting The Town Red

...Well, the family room at least and maybe not so red as Rusty Red. It reminds me of a luscious glass of red wine on a cool Autumn evening.
Check out my Hottie of a painter, aka Hubby. Back away ladies! This sexy beast is AAALLL mine! (LOL)

Wordless Wednesday

My yet-to-be-named dog is headed for the dog house
So much for my plant!

Wine-O The Day

Today's featured wine is a lovely Riesling by Dr. Willkomms called Blue River from the Mosel area of Germany. It's only slightly sweet, or as snobby winos say, off-dry. It definitely won't give you cavities but it's got just enough sweetness for those of you who prefer sweeter wines. The alcohol content is only 9.5% allowing one to enjoy subsequent glasses without the headache. I picked up my first bottle at Sam's Club for less than $8 and enjoyed it so much, I picked up four more on my next trip. The bottle is pretty too! It's frosted with a lovely drawing of a Mosel River that winds through the steep German hillsides. As my daughter would say, it looks like a bottle of Grey Goose. I suppose the wino in me has rubbed off on her.
Today's high is going to be over 100 degrees! So it's still summer here in the 'burbs of Los Angeles making it perfect weather for enjoying a cool glass of this delicious wine. Cheers!

Fire and Wine

It's hot and smokey and I can't stand it. It's 38% contianed yet it's heading east toward me, which only means more smoke, ash and discomfort. They don't expect to have it completely contained until September 15th. Last night our local news featured a man who lost his house to the fire. He was , however, able to save his wine collection by placing the bottles in his pool. He had to dive into the trash-ridden, filthy pool to retrieve them. Now that's a man with his priorities in check!!! It really sucks to be living in Southern California right now. Check out this time lapse video of the Station Fire at Sunset.

I Thought It Was Tuesday Wordless Wednesday

Check out the stranger kid who made his way into my picture