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Summer is The Time for Re-Runs

Back in April I blogged about this interesting wine gadeget called the Vinturi. Here's what I wrote... I discovered a little gadget on my recent trip to San Diego. It's called a Wine Aerator. Using this little doodad allows you to enjoy your glass of wine in an instant. Simply pour the wine through this plastic thingy into your glass and voila! it's ready!. There's no need to wait 10 minutes for your vino to breathe and open up.

I tried it during a tasting but I actually continued to let my wine sit for a while and even swirled it more(I'm the Swirl Queen). I find that the longer a wine sits in the glass, the better. The wine continues to evolve and therefore your wine takes on diferent qualities that, in my opinion, make your wine experience that much more interesting and enjoyable. So if you are in a hurry or just like cool little gadgets, the Vinturi Wine Aerator is for you! But if you are the laid-back type and don't like to rush your wine, don't bother spending the $40.


  1. I've seen these things around. Wasn't sure if they are worth it for the cheapo wines that I buy...

  2. They have everything now! I need to drink wine so I can play with gadgets.

  3. Never heard of this gadget! I'm going to have put it on my wish list! Awesome!

    Thank you!


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