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My Summer Essentials

Here's my list of Can't-Live-Without Summer Stuff...
Plastic Wine Glass for Poolside Use In One of My Favorite Colors... (I don't actually have one but I wish I did)
And Something to Pour Into This Lovely Glass...Fuerza Blancos from Argentina. It's light, cool, refreshing and perfect for Summer. It's only $4 at your local Trader Joes. Delish!
A pair of sunglasses. The bigger the lenses, the better (no need to flaunt the crowsfeet)

Finally, no summer is complete without a visit from Paco The Poolboy...


  1. Oh Paco...I wish I had a pool and money to employ him!
    I also wish there was a trader joe's closer to my house!

  2. Oh! Paco looks even sexier...yum. Crows feet. don't have any. In blog world we are all perfect!

  3. Yeah for summer! All those sound good to me! Don't tell my hubby about Paco! :)

  4. I'll take the pool boy. Now THAT is what summer's all about!

  5. what's even better is one of those glasses where you freeze them first...and they stay all nice and cold....sweet!

  6. Good ol' Paco the Pool Boy! I always like it when he makes an appearance on your blog!


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