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Happy Anniversary To Us At The Vineyards

BTW, Hubby was my Knight in Shining Armor and saved the day by slaying the evil serpent (the harmless snake in the driveway). Thank you Hubby! He was kind enough to take me wine tasting today in the Temecula Valley Wine Country here in Southern Cal. He did it as a preamble to our 17th(yes, we were two crazy kids! what were we thinking!???) wedding anniversary extravaganza. We deviated from our usual course and visited the smaller, boutique wineries rather than the larger producers in the area. We drove a little out of the way but it was worth it. The rolling vineyards provided the sensation of a secluded area catering just to us. The wines were more eclectic varying from the fruity sweetness comparable to a treat from Willie Wonka all the way to a wine with the bravado of a bacon and mushroom bisque.
Here I am cradling a grape bunch just a few weeks before harvest.

Tasting in a bona fide barrel room.

View from a winery farmhouse

No truer words have ever been written

We concluded our lovely trip by stopping by the outlet stores and buying our son Bubba a pair of Vans. Turns out, the shoes were for women. Moral of the story? Don't make any major purchases whilst under the slightest bit of "influence". You will never hear the end of it!


  1. That made me snort! Your poor son...

    What a spectacular view you had from the winery. I've never been to one and I really should do that. What an experience! Of course, our little regional vineyards have nothing on California vineyards. :)

  2. Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest AND Happy Anniversary!!!

  3. I love wine and I've always wanted to make a trip out to California. My brothers have been out there and said it's just beautiful.

    Happy Anniversary! What a great way to celebrate it!

  4. I "awarded" you with something.

  5. Hahaha! I love the moral of your story. I will definitely try to remember that one!

    Fun post...

    Oh, and Happy 17th!

  6. Happy Anniversary! You look fabulous! And I love Temecula! Cheers.


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