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Happy Virtual Girl's Night Out-The Mighty Four

Our Hostess Ann is at it again (and again). This week we are celebrating with a "Back to School" theme with an appropriately titled cocktail to go along with the festivites so get your driniking caps on and join the class!

My daughter Kimmie will be starting 6th grade on Tuesday and to tell you the truth, I will miss her! You won't see me doing the dance of joy at Office Depot. She really is a great kid.

That reminds me, Kimmie's teachers have had pretty interesting names the past few years. Last year's teacher was Jennifer Lopez and this year's teacher is named Jenna James (isn't that the name of a certain, ahem, actress?) Yikes!

Let's drink our lunch, shall we...

Teacher's Pet Ingredients: 1 oz Scotch 1 oz coffee liqueur milk or cream Preparation: Pour the Scotch and coffee liqueur in an old-fashioned glass filled with ice. Fill with milk or cream. Shake by placing a mixing tin over the glass and giving it one or two good shakes. Time For A Party Game! "The Mighty Four"

Four places I go over and over:

1. Target (I have my own cart with my name engraved on the handle) 2. Sam's and Costco (where I buy lots of wine at the cheapest prices) 3. Disneyland Resort(because it really is the happiest place on Earth! except in 102 degree weather like today!) 4. Damien High School ( where my son Bubba goes to school-it's 108 degrees there!)

Four places I would rather be:

1. Anywhere cooler than here, USA 2. Napa or Temecula, CA 3. London 4. Paris

Four things I have for breakfast (not all at once):

1. Coffee 2. More Coffee 3. Even More Coffee 4. Toast

sorry for the jumbled paragrahs. Blogger doesn't always allow me to place spaces between paragraphs or sentences for some reason. I hope all you Moms had a great summer with the kiddies and I hope they have a smooth transition back


  1. Finally, a mom who admits that she will miss her children when they return to school. My role will change since I'm sending off my youngest to Pre-K. So sad.
    But happy because it's VGNO. Have a great one.

  2. Your kids teachers names really are interesting, aren't they? :)

    I'm looking forward to when we move from PA to somewhere else that sells wine at places like Sam's and Costco...I miss being able to buy excessive amounts at a discount like I did when I lived in Seattle! :)

    Happy VGNO - hope you have a great weekend! :)

  3. Happy VGNO! I didn't link up because I'm too lazy and I've been chattering on the telephone but I'm stopping over anyhow! :)

  4. Cute blog! Love the design!
    Happy GNO! Happy Friday!

  5. My kids aren't old enough for back-to-school yet. I would be heartbroken :( happy VGNO :)

  6. A lot of coffee drinkers around here tonight.
    Your weather sounds really hot, hope you get a break soon from the heat.

  7. I know what you mean about your daughter being a neat kid.

    My daughter is 12, going into 7th, but for various reason, I chose to homeschool her this year. I'm having anxiety attacks, because now I will have no time away AND I work at home.

    But then again, I am so excited!

    Have a Happy VGNO!

  8. Seriously, Jenna James? My husband wants to meet her...ha ha!

    Happy VGNO!

  9. I've got a girl starting 6th grade this year, too! And, two girls in preschool, and a girl in 8th grade, and a boy in 10th grade, and a boy in 11th grade, and a daughter who's a freshman at college and....

    Just kidding - I only have seven. Who really has EIGHT kids, anyway? That's just CRAZY!

    Happy VGNO!

  10. I have the same trouble with WordPress and the formatting. I need to take a class in it and illustrator. I need some graphic help too!

  11. Checking in a bit late but, I hope your had a fun VGNO!

  12. I love these posts!! I have to remember one of these days to participate!

  13. I want to go to Disneyland Resort too! Oh and I'll also take one of those yummy drinks!


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