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Yet Another Blog And Happy VGNO

We love our kids don't we? We'll do just about anything to make their little hearts jump with joy, right? Well, my daughter Kimmie wanted a blog, that's right, a big fluffy blog of her very own! where she could write about things SHE likes, in other words, non-alcohol related topics, so we created... drum roll please....Gwynn's Garden...A place to chat about girlie stuff like clothes, hair, make-up and yes, shoes. I just hope she bathes it and feeds it on a regular basis! That's where I come in!
What can you find at Gwynn's Garden? Something for both the young and the young at heart. Practical tips, Reviews, reviews and more reviews and maybe even a tutorial or two(yikes! fetch my Botox, stat!). We havn't worked out all the details yet but I'm looking forward to working on this with my baby girl, sniff, sniff and teary-eyed.
I know what your asking(I'm psychic, ya know)...But what about Vino Bodega, fool??!! Put your mind at ease my fellow conisseurs... but of course I will continue with my Winey ways here at VB! I'm not going anywhere!
Check out the first couple of posts HERE and give us your feedback! What would you like to see in a beauty blog?


  1. Awwwwww....that's adorable! My daughter has a blog of her own too and I think it's so sweet that they do that. :) I'll check your daughter's out.

  2. How cool! Why do that have to grow up?

    I'm headed over now. I'm not really that girly but I do use some beauty stuff and, Hey, it's for your BABY!

    Happy VGNO

  3. Very cool mom! I'm headed over to check it out.

    Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!

  4. That is so cool when your daughter gets a blog. My girl did a travel blog when she had her semester abroad in Italy. I lived though her adventures. It was great. Have fun.

    Happy VGNO.

  5. I love it! Maybe all us hip moms and girlie girl daughters should start a community. I think I would so have to make another blog for that one.

  6. I love it, I just joined & will be follwong it :)having a daughter is so much fun I can't wait to start something like this with my lil girl..of course she is only 3 so I'll let youknow in about 7-8 years ;)


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