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Wordless Wino Wednesday

Me and the Mouse at a Cast Member VoluntEARS expo "backstage" at The California Adventure. I'm dressed in my "costume" with the dreaded grape shirt and khaki pants that make me look like I'm hiding a few bottles underneath.


  1. It looks like they give you a one size fits all "costume"!

    Love the mouse...

  2. I'm jealous you were/are a Disney cast member! I love all things Disney. :)

  3. I have heard that it is VERY difficult to get a job as a cast member so that's pretty cool that you got it!

  4. I thought you were wearing hospital scrubs for a sec. My bro used to be a Disney character. He was Jafar, Braer Bear...and all the other tall ones. I worked the Showcase and the Carnation Garden's food joint.

  5. How awesome to be a cast member! What a cute pic with THE MOUSE! :-)
    I bet you could tell some interesting stories! Susan


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