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Yet Another Blog And Happy VGNO

We love our kids don't we? We'll do just about anything to make their little hearts jump with joy, right? Well, my daughter Kimmie wanted a blog, that's right, a big fluffy blog of her very own! where she could write about things SHE likes, in other words, non-alcohol related topics, so we created... drum roll please....Gwynn's Garden...A place to chat about girlie stuff like clothes, hair, make-up and yes, shoes. I just hope she bathes it and feeds it on a regular basis! That's where I come in!
What can you find at Gwynn's Garden? Something for both the young and the young at heart. Practical tips, Reviews, reviews and more reviews and maybe even a tutorial or two(yikes! fetch my Botox, stat!). We havn't worked out all the details yet but I'm looking forward to working on this with my baby girl, sniff, sniff and teary-eyed.
I know what your asking(I'm psychic, ya know)...But what about Vino Bodega, fool??!! Put your mind at ease my fellow conisseurs... but of course I will continue with my Winey ways here at VB! I'm not going anywhere!
Check out the first couple of posts HERE and give us your feedback! What would you like to see in a beauty blog?

Champagne Isn't Just For Drinking Anymore!

I found this tutorial on YouTube. The champagne would never make it to my face! By the way, the "thingy" is called the metal CAGE.

Greetings From Pasadena

I've been MIA the past few days because I'm still recovering from a long weekend with friends and family. Saturday we decided to stay the night in Pasadena. I know what you're thinking...Why spend the night in Pasadena if you live only a 15 minute drive from there?. Well, first of all, I just needed a little getaway, sort of like a mental-health weekend. I also grew up in the Pasadena area. Both my kids are native Pasadenians so it was a homecoming of sorts. It really is a great town with its world famous Rose Parade, museums, shopping, dining and wine bars galore.

I got a great deal on Hotwire at this 4 star hotel....The Westin in Pasadena. It is a beautiful hotel with very comfy beds! I paid only $95 a night. I saved $54 compared to and Expedia. It's worth checking out, especially if you don't need to know the name of the hotel until you book it.

Check out the spandex-clad woman in the Fitness Center pic at the bottom, right corner. Too funny!

Now that I'm all rested and my mind is back in working, yeah, um... where was I going with this?

Virtual Girl's Night Out-Time To 'Fess Up


Happy VGNO to you all! Hope you are enjoying your summer! Our hostess for this eveving, Ann from Ann Again and Again is at it again, and again with a cool party game. Pay a visit to her blog and link up. Take the title of the blog ahead of you and either write a sentence or a short story or whatever pops into your head. I'm just glad Fire Crotch Rocket wasn't ahead of me in line!

Mine couldn't be more inapproriate because everyone knows I'm THEE perfect parent! No, not really...

Coming Clean...Confessions of an Imperfect Parent. Time to fess up! Just a couple of days ago I bought a great bottle of wine ( I promise to blog about it soon!). This particular wine comes in a very cool looking bottle. It's partly frosted with pictures of a river...Just looking at it makes you want to chug it down. I was describing it to Hubby when my 11 year old chimed in and said: "It looks just like a bottle of Grey Goose Vodka"...Now how does this child know what a bottle of Grey Goose Vodka is, let alone what it looks like? I suppose my wine and spirits-ey ways have rubbed off on her. She can look forward to being known as the booze know-it-all, the go-to girl for cocktails, the official Beer guru of her college dorm...I'm a bad, bad Mommy!

Blog Hop'09

If you're like me, your sitting at home instead of partying at the Blogher convention in beautiful Chicago. There is, however, a big blog hop party going on for all of us! So get comfy and get all the details at Musings of a Housewife.

I'm a wife and mom living in sunny Southern California who loves all things wine and Disneyland. Those two worlds collided when I became a Cast Member and Wine Ambassador at Disney's California Adventure. So just sit back, pour yourself a glass of your favorite wine and take a look around. Oh, and I almost forgot! Feel free to become a "Fellow Wineaux".

Thanks for stopping by!

Writer's Workshop-Tournament of Roses Edition

Mama Kat is at it again with her weekly Writer's Workshop. This week's assignment is making me draw a big ol' blank!...Hope you have better luck. Directions according to Mama Kat: Answer as many prompts as you'd like to the best of your ability then go to Mamas Losin It and link up! The Prompt I Chose is: If you had the time and money...what charity would you help raise awareness for?

The charity I would support again would be my city's Tournament of Roses Parade Float Foundation. They not only raise money to design and build the float for The world famous parade, they also raise money for college scholarships. Awesome! One of the cool things this organization does is give their supporters a seat on the float! I can totally see myself waving to the crowd as we roll down Colorado Blvd. and blowing kisses to you all on New Years Day! Muuuuah!

Wordless Wino Wednesday-May The Force Be With You

This picture pretty much sums up my life at the moment.
visit Seven Clown Circus and 5 Minutes For Mom for more great Wordless Wednesday Pictures

Close Encounters with the Rich and Famous

Nowadays, there aren't many advantages to living in sunny Southern California, what with the budget crisis, earthquakes, high sales tax, heat wave and what not. Since I was born and raised here, I like to think that there's still a couple of perks to living in the City of Angels (or there abouts) like the occasional run-in with a celebrity. Yes, my winey friends, even in my suburban neck of the woods, I've spotted a film crew or two or three in recent years and if you count Zac Efron stopping by to take a dump and buy candy at the corner gas station off of the San Bernardino freeway near my house, its the place to be for some major star-gazing... which brings me to my lovely niece. A few years ago, my niece went to the park in her upscale suburban town located just east of downtown LA. It was a warm summer day and a certain actress/singer/dancer/fashion mogul was filming her new movie Monster In Law. This quadruple threat is apparently very friendly, especially to children so my niece and yes, you guessed it! Jennifer Lopez said hello and chatted a bit in between takes. After having such a cool experience, you would think that my lovely little niece would learn to carry a camera with her everywhere she goes from that moment on. Well...
Fast forward a couple years. My niece, my daughter Kimmie and I went to Disneyland (what else is new). The parade on Main Street was in full swing and we were trying to get to the ice cream shop (not Gibson girl, the other one by the lockers) We stopped for a few minutes to check out the parade when a "dumb-ass" decide to stop not two feet right in front of me and completely blocked my view . I quickly realized that "dumb-ass" with the big bright blue eyes was none other than NICHOLAS CAGE! (and his tiny baby in a stroller). The two ding-dongs next to me (daughter and niece) had no clue to the happenings around them, which was a-okay with me. I just took it all in, by myself. Until Mrs. Skinny Bitch Cage came round the corner. I must say, however, Nick looked painfully thin but much more better looking in person and what a tan!. I, being the resourceful one in the family, had a camera with me but I didn't want to make a fuss because he was with the baby. It didn't stop one crazy star-struck woman however!!!
A few months ago, said niece had an interview(yes you read that right) for a swanky all-girls high school in Pasadena. The evening of her interview, my niece and her parents drove to this shi-shi school a tad early and therefore were asked to wait. They were seated in a passage way and noticed that a film crew was shooting around the grounds. What happened next you ask? Only every girl's, woman's, cougar's dream!!! Who approached my young niece while he awaited a scene? Well... none other than a certain "pale one"!!!!! Yes, fellow wineauxs, Edward Cullen himself, in the cold, hard, marble-esque flesh! He was sitting around, waiting and just decided to mozey on over and chit chat with my niece!!. Can you believe she had Edward Cullen all to her little self...Let me repeat, SHE HAD EDWARD CULLEN ALL TO HERSELF!!!!!!!!!!! albeit, with parental supervision, but still, ALL TO HERSELF! The camera? No where to be found. Cell phone? no where in sight.
Oh dear, dear niece, when will you learn? You obviously have the Midas Touch when it comes to being in the right place at the right time. Do yourself a favor and take note from your Auntie Rosie. Except for the bottle of wine, Always carry a camera with you with fresh batteries in it! or at least a fully charged cell phone, or both just to be on the safe side. Paper and pen would also come in handy as would a pair of handcuffs!

Ice Ice Baby

Remember this guy? Bzz Agent sent me an autographed 8x10 glossy of this one hit wonder as part of a new 7 Eleven Iced Coffee campaign. I Wonder where I should hang it . Next to the signed pic of Chewbacca, perhaps? Any ideas?

ThreeThings You Didn't Know About Me

I'm baring my soul here, gosh I feel naked...
1. This isn't the first time I've worked at Disneyland. I worked there briefly in 2001. I was there when the California Adventure first opened. I hated, HA-TED every minute of it and quit after only 3 months. There, I've said it.
2. Contrary to popular belief, I don't drink EVERY day, although I probably should.
3. My next door neighbor's house looks like Ceasars Palace, Las Vegas, with gilded gates and everything. Only 3 people live there but there are 8 cars in the driveway. They have parties almost EVERY weekend which makes it difficult for yours truly to sleep! They have even had parties during working hours on a weekday! Which leads me to believe they have questionable employment. I hope I don't find a horse's head in my bed tomorrow morning!
MckLinky Blog Hop

Le Tour Eiffel

All this talk about Julia Child and french cooking got me thinking about the magnificent Eiffel Tower. It is the tallest structure in all of France standing at over 1,000 feet. It took the French two years to build this beautiful building.
What a lovely view, and with a glass of wine, nothing can be better...
I've visited the Eiffel Tower twice in my life. My fondest memory was sending a postcard to my children from the Eiffel Tower Post Office. Have you ever visited the Eiffel Tower? What is your fondest memory?

Julie and Julia Movie

Have you seen the trailer for the new movie JULIE AND JULIA? Amy Adams stars as a 30-something woman stuck in a life rut. She's a blogger, just like you and me, who decides to cook her way through Julia Child's, played by Meryl Streep, french cookbook. Both their lives come together in what looks to be a cute and inspiring story. I love cooking, wine, blogging and everything french so you can be sure I will be first in line to see this chick flick on August 7th. Bon Appetit!

I Live in a California Bubble

Queenie Jeannie is asking everyone where they have visited in the United States. Turns out, I've only been to 8 states! Most states more than once but still that's not very many!. I've also stopped at a few airports but never visited the place. Does that count? I guess not. Today I'm going to make a bucket list and I'm putitng "Visit every state in the union" in the #1 spot!

visited 8 states (16%) Create your own visited map of The United States or vertaling nederlands duits?

VGNO Time!

Happy Birthday to our Virtual Girls Night Out Hostess Ann! Check out her blog, wish her a Happy Birthday, enter to win a giveaway and join the party HERE. Tonight, Ann is asking all of her bloggy friends what band we would have perform at our own birthday party. Well, for me it would be Jamiroquai, the best Acid Jazz band EVER...

I'd be sipping on a Cadillac Margarita as I watched them perform in my own backyard! COOL
And just because...

Covergirl Outlast Lipstain Coupons!

One of my favortie things, besides wine of course, is MAKE-UP. I love me some make-up! So when I recently had the opportunity to join the new Covergirl campaign at BZZ AGENT, I jumped on it! They sent me the new Outlast Lipstain in Bit of Blossom. My lips are currently way too chapped so I used a model to demonstrate it below.
Above you can see the Lipstain in action. It's lightweight and really does look like it stains the lips. I applied it very lightly because otherwise, it would look way too harsh against my model's skin. It looked very natural, however, I took it a step further...

Here I applied a thin layer of a light pink lipgloss from NARS. It adds just a bit of gloss for a shiny look. The Lipstain itself looks a lot like a kid's marker.

I also received several coupons for a $1 off on the Lipstain in your choice of 10 colors. If you are interested, email me your shipping address and I will send you a coupon. Thanks to my lovely model and beautiful daughter Kimmie for her help.

A Quick and Delicious Dinner From the VB Kitchen

I just had to share this Rachel Ray inspired meal that I prepared this evening. What a delicious dish and with an Asian flair too! All I did was chop up some chicken breast and red bell peppers and cooked them in some "EVOO". I tweaked the recipe here and there and seasoned it with salt, pepper and garlic. Once the chicken and peppers were cooked, I drizzled in some asian chili sauce, honey and chopped basil from the VB herb garden. I cooked up some Minute Rice, poured a couple glasses of the Barefoot Gold Medal-winning Pinot Grigio and Voila! A gourmet dinner was served. Quick, easy and healthy too!

Winner Winner Winner!

Congratulations to Gypsyfox! She is the Barefoot Wine grand prize winner chosen at random by Kimmie, my daughter and guest blogger extraordinaire. Gypsyfox says that her favorite way to pass the summer weekend nights is outside with a glass of wine, on her swing under the mesquite trees & stars. Sounds great to me!

Wordless Wino Wednesday

Me and the Mouse at a Cast Member VoluntEARS expo "backstage" at The California Adventure. I'm dressed in my "costume" with the dreaded grape shirt and khaki pants that make me look like I'm hiding a few bottles underneath.

Straight From The Golden Vine Wine Bar

Just another delightful wine selection I discovered as a Wine Ambassador at Disney's California Adventure. According to the label, this is a lovely Moscato that can be enjoyed as an aperitif or an after dinner "quaffer". Huh? I don't know what a quaffer is exactly but this wine is very fruity and sweet and is best enjoyed outside in the sunshine. It is delicious and refreshing by the pool(as you watch Paco do his thing), in the garden and accompanied with a bowl of fruit and some cheese. Trust me on this one, if you are in the mood for a little something sweet this holiday weekend, this tasty wine is a must! It is produced and bottled in Paso Robles, CA (Central Coast) by Martin Weyrich and costs around $12 a bottle, and what a pretty bottle it is!. As usual, Email me if you have any questions about this or any other wine.

More Shoes? Yeah, But These Are Mine

I often post about unusual shoes I find on the Internet but this time I thought I would show you several pairs from my own closet. By the way, these are my pasty white legs. Funny how they're still pale even though I brushed on some bronzer !

Love these with the warm browns and burgundy pattern by Madden Girl. Would you believe I've never worn them?

How about these suede 4-inchers from Carlos Santana. Have I worn these you ask? Nope!
Ooops! I almost fell while "modeling" these. They are the exact same pair as the ones in the first picture but in pinks and greys. Never worn these either.

Ahhhh! low and comfy with rubber soles for safety. I call these my granny shoes from Dressbarn. These are the only pair of the bunch that I've worn.

I know, I know...I should wear ALL of these shoes. I should throw on a cute outfit, have some fun with make up, slip on one of these fabulous pairs of shoes (other than the granny ones) and celebrate being a girly girl! Well, as a matter of fact, I have made up my mind to do so. You only live once so you might as well live it in style, YOUR style!

Thanks for checking out my little parade of shoes. There's more where that came from so stay tuned. I promise to sweep the floor next time!