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Random Wednesday Debate With My Guest Blogger!

Remember me, I'm Rosie's daughter,Kimmie. Sorry I am late ( I have summer school.) Anyway, this weeks Random Debate is.....
I vote for Apple Jacks because....
1. I barely use a stapler.
2. You can't eat a stapler for breakfast.
But you can eat Apple Jacks. Your turn! What do you think?
Oh, and before I forget, last week's Random Debate cheese vs. toilet paper cheese was the winner. Congrats cheese lovers!
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  1. I need to staple my lips together to keep from eating too many bowls of Apple Jacks!

  2. Rosie, you have the perfect answer!!!!

    i love apple jacks, BUT i really don't want to eat them all, so i am going to have to say staples as well. even though i don't really need those either :)

  3. Cheese vs Toilet paper... i think in the end you can't have one without the other. : )

  4. Most definitely, STAPLER!

    I couldn't live without mine.

    Now, if you had said Cocoa Puffs. I might have gone with the cereal...

  5. My head is spinning with this debate. Just to try to wrap my mind around anything bringing the two together is popping brain cells right and left.

    I gotta say stapler though. Just to be contrary.

  6. Woo hoo for cheese lovers. Sorry. I have to go with staplers. I can't remember thew last time I had apple jax. But I can remember the last time I reached for a stapler and it was empty. I cussed like a sailor! And who day I might want to staple my stomach.


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