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Pretty Your Pout With Pink!

Check out this lipstick and duo lip pencil from Vincent Longo. They are the perfect lip thingies for summer. The lipstick is a soft pink called Catalina Rose. I was pleasantly surprised that it has the perfect amount of gloss to it. I love it! It had been a while since I wore lip liner so I had forgotten how great it can be...
if applied properly of course! Who can forget this oh-so-not-lovely lady! The duo lip pencil is called Soft Pink and Spring Rose. Both the pencil and lipstick pair extrememly well together. They were both a gift from my Aunt, the glam queen. Check out the Vincent Longo website (he's quite the Italian cutie!) for more info.


  1. I love makeup!!!! I'll check it out!

  2. hmmmm interesting, I am really picky with what I put on my lips...

    and well, that just sounds DIRTY AS HELL.

    It's how I roll.

  3. much to say. He is so a cutie. I love the color Sugar. And I'd love to leave a little Sugar on him...if you know what I mean. Ring around the what?


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