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Happy Virtual Girl's Night Out!

Happy Virtual Girl's Night Out Everyone! The sun is shining and the kids are out of school so I'm at Disneyland for the day. Whatever our hostess Ann has planned tonight, I'm sure it is delightful! You will be sipping an exotic cocktail and meeting some new bloggy friends as you hop from one interesting blog to another!. Since I don't know all the juicy details of tonight's events, I'm just gonna give you all an eye full of some foot candy!

Gotta love the buckle! These I would actually wear

Shoes I can see Gwen Stefani strutting around in When You feel like taking a step on the wild side... "Paging Dr. Scholl, Paging Dr. Scholl" Ouch! Pretty in pink!
Don't these look Rosie!
And finally Paco The Poolboy...Just because he can slip them off and rub our feet


  1. Stopping by for VGNO! Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. Wow! What a sexy, uh, pair of shoes, yeah, shoes...

    Happy VGNO

  3. Stopping by 'the morning after' with breakfast - and a virtual hangover remedy in case you need it... ;)

    Some of those shoes are very cool! I could absolutely see me wearing the first ones, too! :)

    Happy VGNO the morning after! :)

  4. Belatedly stumbling in from VGNO... I'm subscribing. You're brilliant, and shoes are my weakness.


  5. Damn. Those are some shoes! Wen to CA adventure. J-bug was finally tall enough for Cedar Falls...we got drenched. She was so excited. And to make her day she got to see daddy working {he is doing construction on the Ca Adv water stage}

  6. Love the shoes! Stopping by for a very late VGNO. Hope you had a great weekend.

  7. I love heels but I can't imagine wearing ANY of those!!!

    (I really need to get out more, huh???)

  8. Hey, I just missed you at Disneyland! We were there Mon-Tues-Wed last week. It was crazy crowded when we were there, but still fun!

  9. I tagged you over at my blog...check it out :)

  10. Came over through the Chick chic Widget.

    Paco makes me happy.

    So do those FABULOUS shoes!


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