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Random Wednesday Debate With My Guest Blogger!

Remember me, I'm Rosie's daughter,Kimmie. Sorry I am late ( I have summer school.) Anyway, this weeks Random Debate is.....
I vote for Apple Jacks because....
1. I barely use a stapler.
2. You can't eat a stapler for breakfast.
But you can eat Apple Jacks. Your turn! What do you think?
Oh, and before I forget, last week's Random Debate cheese vs. toilet paper cheese was the winner. Congrats cheese lovers!
P.S. Don't forget to enter in my mom's Barefoot Wine giveaway here!

Monday Morning Wine Quotes

"If you drink, don't drive, don't even putt"-Dean Martin
"Be careful to trust a person who does not like wine"-Karl Marx "Never drink water; that is the stuff that rusts pipes. What contemptible scoundrel has stolen the cork to my lunch?" -W.C. Fields "Don't drink and drive, you might hit a bump and spill your drink"-Hubby

Summertime Fun Giveaway!

Hey everyone! Summer is here! Yay!. If you look past the cloudy mornings and chilly evenings, it kinda looks like Summer is here in Southern California! I actually have my air conditioning on right now! Hooray! Anyhoo, Barefoot Wines and VB have bumped heads (all that wine, ya know) and giving away a Beach Bag chock full of great summertime swag! Get a load of this!...A tote bag, a beach towel, a wine bottle opener and an ultra cool stemless wine glass from Barefoot Wine! Ooooooooh! And no package, or summer for that matter, is complete without a bottle of Barefoot Wine from Vino Bodega! Ahhhhhhhh! Here's what ya gotta do to enter...

First of all YOU MUST BE 21 OR OLDER

1. check out Barefoot's new website at Barefoot Republic, sign up and come back and tell me your "Barefoot name". Mine is Rosie Toes! You'll find recipes, games, trivia and a whole community there! Tres cool!. (1 entry)

2. Comment on your ideal summertime activity. Mine is sipping a glass of vino, poolside of course, as Paco the Pool boy rubs my Barefeet! lol! (1 entry)

3. Become a follower of Vino Bodega or let me know if you already are. (2 entries)

4. Post about it and send me the link. (2 entries)

The giveaway is open to those with US addresses only and ends Friday July 3rd, 10 pm Disneyland time (PST). So come on! get your summertime drink on with Barefoot Wine! whataya waiting for!

Another Wordless Wednesday

Taking "hands-free" to a whole new level

Pretty Your Pout With Pink!

Check out this lipstick and duo lip pencil from Vincent Longo. They are the perfect lip thingies for summer. The lipstick is a soft pink called Catalina Rose. I was pleasantly surprised that it has the perfect amount of gloss to it. I love it! It had been a while since I wore lip liner so I had forgotten how great it can be...
if applied properly of course! Who can forget this oh-so-not-lovely lady! The duo lip pencil is called Soft Pink and Spring Rose. Both the pencil and lipstick pair extrememly well together. They were both a gift from my Aunt, the glam queen. Check out the Vincent Longo website (he's quite the Italian cutie!) for more info.

Tag You're It

Kristen over at All In A Moms Life tagged me. I've never been tagged before wow, this is fun! So I went into my picture file and picked the 10th picture and Voila...!
Sorry, no pics of Disneyland, drunkards, people with shoe fetishes or half-naked pool boys today! My pic is of my cousin, Mauricio. He was actually on "The Price Is Right" game show this morning!. I took a bunch of pictures of my TV. Yes, I know it's so Jr. High but I thought it would be cool! Besides, he was the last person to "come on down and be the next contestant...". He went with a group of co-workers from Yahoo! and he made out with over $28,000 worth of cash and prizes! including a trip to Paris to see the Tour De France, a kayak, his and her bikes and a spa vacation in Florida! He is now my favorite cousin.

Happy Virtual Girl's Night Out!

Happy Virtual Girl's Night Out Everyone! The sun is shining and the kids are out of school so I'm at Disneyland for the day. Whatever our hostess Ann has planned tonight, I'm sure it is delightful! You will be sipping an exotic cocktail and meeting some new bloggy friends as you hop from one interesting blog to another!. Since I don't know all the juicy details of tonight's events, I'm just gonna give you all an eye full of some foot candy!

Gotta love the buckle! These I would actually wear

Shoes I can see Gwen Stefani strutting around in When You feel like taking a step on the wild side... "Paging Dr. Scholl, Paging Dr. Scholl" Ouch! Pretty in pink!
Don't these look Rosie!
And finally Paco The Poolboy...Just because he can slip them off and rub our feet

Random Debate Wednesday with a Guest Blogger!

Hi, my name is Kimmie I'm 11 and I am guest blogging for my mom, Rosie.
by Kimmie
Here's how you play.
1.Pick which side you are on.
2.Leave comments on how the chosen items are good or better than the other.
3. Wait to see which side wins!
Here I go! I think toilet paper is better than cheese because without T.P. we would still be using leaves to wipe our butts.

Another Wordless Wednesday

Me in first grade

Dirty Dancing Review

On Friday evening I shimmied my way down to the theatre to see Dirty Dancing live on stage in Hollywood. It was great! The three hour long show was amazing and a lot of fun! The only thing I had a little trouble with was understanding the male lead. This tall, dark and handsome actor is from Australia and was trying desparately to speak without an accent but wasn't always successful. All in all it was a fabulous show. It included all of the great moments of the movie...yes, even the lake scene where Baby and Johnny practice their lifts! It is a definate "do" so if the show comes to a city near you, don't miss it!

Grease Is The Word At The VGNO

Happy VGNO everyone. Tonight we are going back in time (cue the swirly picture). The year is 1978 , school's out and I am dying to see GREASE! My mom bought me the album(those big black round things) that I still have to this day! I memorized the songs and never forgot them!. I was a GREASE JUNKIE! Since I'm Naughty Nancy I suppose I will be the one to "bring the flask" to this party and oh yeah!...In the words of Marty..."Twinkies and Wine...that's real classy". I guess I memorized the lines of the movie too. Don't forget to stop by and say hello to our hostess who's the mostess...Ann, link up and join the party! Maybe Johnny Casino and the Gamblers will perform for us! Happy VGNO everyone!

Doing A Little Dirty Dancing Tonight!

I'm gettin' my goove on tonight and watching the stage performance of Dirty Dancing. Nah-ah, nobody's puttin' me in a corner! I'm having my glass o' vino and shimmying down to the Pantages with Hubby and Bubba and having me a blast! Can't wait. Expect a full report tomorrow. If you are or will be in the L.A. area, the show will be at the Pantages theatre until June 28th .

Wordless Wino Wednesday

I wonder how many bottles it took to get this guy to wear that get-up

Just Another Malbec Monday

OK class, in case you haven't already been edumacated on this wine, let me give you a quick run down on zee Malbec. The Malbec grape is grown in Argentina, South America. The wine region in Argentina best known for Malbec is called the Mendoza region. Malbec is grown and produced in other parts of the world but when you hear Malbec, you pretty much think, Mendoza region of Argentina. Its look and consistency is much like that of a hearty Merlot. Nuff said. One of my favorite Malbecs is the 2006 Kaiken Ultra Malbec. Sounds like a diet beer, doesn't it? But far from it! It's a great one to try if you've never tried a Malbec before. It's medium to full-bodied so it's on the heavier side but loaded with lots of fruity goodness.
I first tried it at dinner at the World Famous Pacific Dining Car in Los Angeles pictured below.
It's been cloudy and drizzly here in Southern California the past few days so it's perfect "Malbec" weather. This is not a wine I would drink outside on a hot afternoon, while Paco the pool boy waits on me hand and foot. If I did I'd end up passed out in the cabana with Paco giving me mouth-to-mouth...Hmmm. Paco
Wondering where you can find this delectable item? Not Paco! the wine! Focus, people, I know I probably lost some of you to Paco but the rest of you, please bear with me!
Email me and I'll research it for you...yes, it's worth trying and no it won't break the bank!

Stargazing at the VGNO

Happy Virtual Girl's Night Out Ladies and gentlemen(if any). Maybe Ann should change it to "Virtual Person's Night Out" Just a thought. Anyhoo, tonight's topic is FLOWERS! I love flowers don't you?! my favorite is the Stargazer Lilly. The Stargazer is not big on scent but it carries a huge burst of color that brightens my day! They are so mesmerizing, it's hard to keep my eyes off of them! Hmmm...Here are a few Stars I like gazing at from time to time.... quite mesmerizing as well! Clive Owen-Gotta love his eyes! Look at George, dripping wet! towel required
Gotta love that naughty boy, Charlie Sheen (minus the pinkie ring and Pepto bismol shirt)
Even itchy Bad Boys are HOT! But the cigarette is NOT!
Head on over to visit our lovely hostess Ann and share your favorite flower, hop from blog to blog and meet some new friends!

And The Winner Is...

The randomly chosen winner of my copy of the first book in the House of Night series is.....drum roll....Rebecca from This Mom's Many Hats!!! Soon you will be following 17 year-old Zoey through her trials and tribulations as a fledgling Vampyre at the House of Night. You will enjoy this read with it's wicked villainess (or is she?) creepy vampire zombies and her hot male vampyre boyfriend, Erik (hmmm sounds a bit reminiscent of Edward does it not?) Congratulations!

They Did What With Wine?

Happy Hump Day! Here's a few rather interesting pictures to help you get your drink on...

Wine terrorist...and you were afraid of Osama Bin Laden

This one is self explanatory...

So is this one

Kitty fell off the wagon again and landed on the window sill Wineaux in training

Coming June 5th...

As you can see, I recently had some work done and my Bloggy doctor is working on the finishing touches so check back June 5th for my official unveiling. To celebrate I thought I'd have a newWine giveaway! My current giveaway ends tomorrow at 7pm and so far I only have 8 followers which is sad for me but good for you! Your chances of winning my copy of the House of Night novel are super high! For now you can still catch me at my former residence. If you haven't already, join the rank and file of Wineauxs (followers) here...just follow the trail of red wine!